Why We Travel: Colors

A bright red color appeared in the sky above Utah. I turned to my neighbor for the day and asked him for the reason. I turned to him because he told me he’s been on a few dozen flights. For me, it was my second flight ever, a connecting flight between the one that ended a few hours earlier and the one that would start shortly after I land.

Sunset over Utah, USA. Taken from the plane.

Sunset over Utah, USA. Taken from the plane.

Second flight ever besides the day I went skydiving in Haifa, Israel two years earlier, of course.

The guy didn’t hesitate – it was the sun setting.

I took countless photos and couldn’t capture how amazing it really was.

Sunset over Utah, USA. Taken from the plane.

Sunset over Utah, USA. Taken from the plane.

Then I landed in New Zealand. After two days in the air and in airports, after years of packed schedules in cities and buildings, the first thing I noticed about New Zealand was how green everything was. It was spring and it was New Zealand – unless you truly dislike cold weather, you can’t go wrong.

I traveled through the North Island and the north end of the South Island. I’m told I missed the creme de la creme, yet I could have spent days staring at the colorful volcanic pools and geysers of Rotorua, then ending my days in the hot springs, watching the sun sets in pink.

Rotorua, New Zealand

Rotorua, New Zealand

Hot springs in Rotorua, New Zealand

Hot springs in Rotorua, New Zealand

North Argentina appeared on my travel dreams regardless of the Iguazu National Park. I wanted to reach a small village north of Salta, Purmamarca. I practiced saying this name and indulged in day dreams of the 7 color mountain in that area. It didn’t work out this time. Another reason to go back.

I woke up in the plane above Argentina to my second-ever brightness in the sky. The sun was rising above the Spanish-speaking country and colored its sky in orange. On my journey through Southern Argentina, I encountered lakes in blue and green shades I didn’t know existed. I saw a rainbow above the desert. I saw a glaciers surrounded by brown mountains covered by snow, a glacier cut in a bright, light, deep blue of frozen water from within.

Sunrise over Argentina. Taken from the plane.

Sunrise over Argentina. Taken from the plane.

Perito Moreno Glacier, El Calafate, Argentina

Perito Moreno Glacier, El Calafate, Argentina

In Massachusetts I saw the beginning of orange and red, the famous colors of New England’s fall foliage. Santa Fe, New Mexico was filled with colors everywhere around. The Grand Canyon walls seemed to grow more colorful each time I paused, which was often. In Los Angeles, it was the people who were colorful, in the Venice Beach promenade on a weekend day and outside Universal Studios for Halloween.

Fall foliage, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

The beginning of fall foliage, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

I named this blog All Colores because I believe diversity – in language, in culture, in colors, in nature – enriches our lives and makes this world more exciting.

World of Color, Disney's California Adventure, Disneyland, Los Angeles, California, USA

World of Color water spectacle at Disney's California Adventure theme park in Los Angeles, California. Water and color work well together with the Disney technology.


Following are eye-popping, color-filled travel photo essays from around the Web. Warning: these photo essays make the wait to see these places way more challenging, and if you never considered a location listed here, you might just be tempted to go there anyway.

As the spring opens its eyes in the northern hemisphere and fall embraces the southern hemisphere, let’s celebrate the diversity of this world: feel free to post links to your colorful travel photo essays or other people’s colorful travel photo essays in the comments.

It’s a beautiful world, I tell ya.

1) Iceland: Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis), Summer Photo Tour and a Frozen World at Arctic Photo.

2) Bolivia: A journey from Tupiza to the Salar at 2 Backpackers.

3) Northern Argentina: Quebrada de Humahuaca (including the 7 color mountain) at Bloody Meli, a blog in Hebrew about a trip to South America. The photos are, of course, in an international language. The blog also covers Bolivia’s Salar (salt lake). Check out parts 1, 2 and 3 (including Chile’s San Pedro de Atacama) of the photos.

4) Yellowstone National Park, USA: Parts 1234 and 5 of Israeli Mom’s 5 days in the park. The photos are from her Hebrew blog, yet here too, the language of the photos is international. She is now writing about her 6 months trip to the States with her family on her English blog.

5) Michigan, USA: A colorful spring in Ann Arbor and a colorful Michigan fall at Random Space.

6) New Mexico, USA: White Sands National Park (and a very colorful sunset) at Technosyncratic.

7) New Zealand: An 8 hour bus ride through the South Island at A Dangerous Business.

8 ) Latin America: A colorful fiesta in Peru and a photo essay of Central America and Mexico at Tom Robinson Photography. Also check out Tom’s Feet First project. He documents his travels with his wife – and now their baby daughter – by capturing their feet with the scenery as they travel around the world.

9) A bit from everywhere at Nomadic Vision. Choose “portfolio”, then choose “life”. Need I say more?

10) Hawaii (including Volcanoes National Park) and Yukon (in Northwest Canada) at Fritz Mueller Photography. Put your mouse’s cursor on the right side of the photo to see additional stunning photos.

11) The Canadian Rockies: A video photo essay at Photo Centric. From fall foliage colors to snow above deep-blue lakes, through the beginning of the flourishing spring, through waterfalls of melted snow, back to the colors of falls.

What’s the most colorful experience you’ve had while traveling?



    • Thanks! And you’re very welcome, loved your photo essay. I almost made it to the White Sands on my trip, and really regretted not making it there when I saw your photo essay. It’s now on my southern US bucket list.

    • Thanks, Jon, and glad you found the blog and the list! Travel is a joy 🙂


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