What You Can Find in Ward, Colorado

About a 45 minutes’ drive from Boulder, or a 90 minute drive from Denver, you can find Ward – a place you might have never heard of.

So what can you find in Ward?

Not much, really. At a first glance, you might not even understand what you’re doing there when all you wanted to do was make it to Rocky Mountain National Park. You might seek to find gold, but then you’ll learn that others already tried it at Ward only to return empty handed.

You might never make it to Ward – unless, like me, you’ll have to send out a letter on a Saturday – but in case you ever do, this is what you’ll find there.


1. Mountains, Trees and Colorado’s Beautifully Dramatic Clouds

Like the rest of the area, you will find beautiful scenery, and Ward is just as good a place as any to sit down and stare at the view.


2. One Hundred and Fifty People

While you might not get to see 150 people – or even 5 people – during your visit, Ward is said to have a population of approximately 150 people.


3. A Rich History…. Literally

Not only did Ward happen to to bring out hope in gold-seeking folks in its past, but it also enjoyed great commerce due to its near location to Rocky Mountain National Park and other countless hiking trails and mountains. During the Colorado Gold Rush in the nineteenth century, Ward was actually one of Colorado’s richest places.


4. Clutter of houses

Ward looks like someone put up her or his toy houses for play and then left them there. Small houses are scattered around Ward, so that there’s space for each resident to walk around, yet they’re close enough to one another – for the case of someone needing to borrow a neighbor’s binoculars, I guess.


5. A Playground

The green structure has a couple of slides for residents to enjoy.

Who doesn’t want a slide outside their home? So sure, it’s not made of ice, but it looks like a fun place to run around nonetheless.


6. Confusion

Ward is mentioned both as a town and as a village around the Web. This would have never happened in Israel, which is where I’m from. In Israel, there’s a village, there’s a kibbutz and there’s a “moshav”. “Moshav” doesn’t have an English translation, yet it’s another form of farmers’ settlement. Neither of these categories is Urban, whereas a town – a small city – is. Even if you know neither one is urban, it is important to use the right term as some people will be mad if you mix them. Yes, it sounds like an exaggeration to me too and I am a bit exaggerated, most people are more rational than that, but hey…. that’s what a former co-worker told me once. She was from one of these forms of settlements, yet unfortunately I really can’t remember from which kind. It’s not because I come from a city, it’s because it was several years ago!


7. The Wrong Way

If you ever wanted to find the wrong way, Ward is the place to realize your dream.


8. A Post Office That’s Open on a Saturday

This, too, would never happen in Israel, as most places in Israel are closed on Saturdays, let alone post offices. Saturday, the Shabbath, is considered a sacred day in Jewish tradition, tough the younger generation is rebelling against that. A friend of mine is part of a group that initiates public transportation on Saturdays, for example.

As for Ward, I cannot guarantee that this post office will be open every Saturday, and we originally thought it was close – but then a really nice woman (who happened to know someone my relatives know) showed up and helped us send the letter.

In case you are curious as to why I had to send a letter from on a Saturday, here’s the story: The owner of my Boston hostel accidentally gave me the hostel’s only adapter (for charging materials) alongside my camera battery, which I had left to charge overnight. It was 4 or 5 AM and I was in a rush to get to the airport, therefore I didn’t notice this until I was already on the plane to Denver. I called the hostel from the Denver airport, and it sounded as if they didn’t noticed the incident even after I left. Nonetheless, I promised to send them the adapter back as soon as I can reach a post office. Because we had so much planned and extra relatives to see, I was unsuccessful in making it to a post office in Denver or Boulder. Ward was our last chance before heading out on a mini road trip. Thankfully, we were successful! Thank you, nice post office lady!

But even if you don’t have a dramatic story about an adapter that ran away from home, if you ever stop at Ward, take a glance at this cute post office.


Has a mission ever led you to a place you would likely never visit otherwise, but were glad to make it there?


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