Video of the Week: Look Inside the Devil’s Throat at Iguazu Falls, Argentina

I almost skipped the Iguazu National Park while traveling through Argentina. It was way out of my path and the arrival and departure were expensive. Then I talked to several friends who have been to Argentina and they refused to hear of me not going. I set out to prove to them it’s subjective. I mean, I read countless reviews about the US and Canada’s Niagra Falls – some people like them, some people love them and others were absolutely disappointed by them. And everything in between, of course.

I was confident. I searched reviews online.

They were all enthusiastic.

And then I found it – one woman who thought falls are just falls, even if they’re grand. She rather stay on the Brazilian beach. I wish I kept the link to her post. This was months ago. She, too, was convinced by other travelers to make it to the falls. She spent almost 30 hours on a bus – and then didn’t understand what was the point.

Yet that disappointed only lasted a moment. The rest of her post praised the falls!


I kept searching online, yet every single review I found had WOW written all over it.

Well, not that I mind doing something completely different than “the rest of the world”, yet this time I went with it. I arrived at Puerto Iguazu, Argentina and spent 4 of the most beautiful days of my life.


The video before you is of the royalty falls of the park, also known as the Devil’s Throat. Can you say Garganta del Diablo? That’s Spanish for Devil’s Throat 🙂


    • I really didn’t expect to be that affected by them, but I agree, they’re absolutely amazing 🙂


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