Video of the Week: Colorful Mickey Mouse at Disneyland, Los Angeles

The first time I ever walked into a Disney park was in the dark, right in time for the parade. The streets of Disneyland Los Angeles were packed. There was space to walk as no one was allowed to sit where the parade would be passing shortly, yet to find a seat you had to walk and walk and…. hope.


Quickly, my relative and I learned the lesson: we came early for every Disney show. Very early. As in an hour before a show was supposed to start. As we were waiting to see one of the shows, we saw the Mickey Mouse wheel change colors:


Have you ever been to Disneyland?



  1. It feels like one of those “Stare at the Mickey for 30 seconds then look away” kind of things. I do love what they did with the Sun Wheel though.
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    • There’s a reason this video isn’t longer, I was afraid of getting hypnotized…

    • Southern California is such an area of fun 🙂 I hear the Disney World area is not bad either!


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