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“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”,

says the famous quote. Travel blogs are an exciting – and rather giant – corner of the Web. This corner is filled with people who hug the world and devour opportunities to learn, connect, expand or simply have the time of their lives.

In 2012, I compiled a list of 28 travel blogs that rock. While I’ve enjoyed all these blogs since I entered the travel blogsphere, I realized there are hundreds additional ones (if not more) waiting to be discovered.

Following is a (seriously) small list, divided into arbitrary categories such as gender and marital/family status. If your blog is not on this list, or – just as importantly – if you have a better suggestion for categories, please let me know.

Drop me an e-mail at ayelet (at), and make sure  to include a short description of your blog as you see bellow.

And don’t forget to check out these great blogs – hope you enjoy them!




A Dangerous Business – Amanda is an ordinary girl in search of life’s extraordinary stories and adventures. She balances a “normal” life with an unquenchable lust for travel.

A Wandering Sole – Laura is an Africa enthusiast, who loves to travel, run, volunteer, and explore this crazy world. If it involves an adventure or a passport, count her in.

Adventurous Kate – Kate travels full-time, going anywhere that sounds wacky or beautiful or interesting. Her goal is to show you how you can travel the world on your own – easily, safely and adventurously.

Bitten by the Travel Bug – Nicole was bitten by the travel bug before she even turned 1. She’s been exercising both her passport and wanderlust ever since. Now she tries to find a cure for her travel bug bite one country at a time.

Chrystal-Clear – Chrystal is a world citizen, globe trotter and continuous learner. She is a lover of ancient ruins, castles, churches and all things old and beautiful.

Crazy, Sexy, Fun Traveler – Born in Slovakia, Alexandra started traveling as a child. Her parents took her on road trips all over Slovakia, and on shopping trips to Poland, Hungary and Ukraine. She’s lived in 6 countries already, and she plans to try many more.

Flanerie Feminine – Miret’s travel and veggie food blog.

Hike Bike Travel – Leigh has been to all continents but Antarctica. She’s always got some sort of an adventure planned – even if it’s only a weekend. She thrives on change and travel provides that.

Holiday Nomad – Born in Belgium, Freya is a travel lover with a full-time day job exploring the world during my holidays.

Lash World Tour – Lash has been traveling around the world solo since 1998. She seeks to inspire others to reach their travel dreams.

Latin Abroad – Maria is a twenty-something Spanish translator on the quest of becoming a digital nomad through languages, blogging, and travel writing. Her current mission: Paying off $40,000 in debt in less than 3 years.

Le Monde – Nisha is an Indian woman, solo world traveler and travel writer. Solo is a big term for Indians, especially women. If you add “backpacker” to that “solo”, it’s totally unheard of – yet here she is. Nisha’s idea of travelling is counting the number of memories, not the number of places.

My Travel Affairs – Marysia dedicates her time and energy to unconventional exploration of the world, in search of amazing people, unique places and immersing stories.

One Travels Far – Stacey from New Zealand named her travel blog after a J.R.R Tolkein quote: “Little by little, one travels far”.  It sums up the way that she likes to travel. She love living as an expat, staying for at least a few months in a country and getting to know the customs and culture, while traveling slowly through it.

Rambling Tart – Krista is a  Danish-Canadian who loves to write, travel and cook with people she loves. She is a writer, traveler, photographer and food lover, and she currently lives in a little farm in rural Queensland, Australia.

Solo Female Traveler – Sabina travels close to home and across the world on a quest to experience more of the diverse ways of life that are spread around the globe. She recently spent two years traveling solo through the Middle East and will soon return.

Suzy Guese – Suzy travels with a redhead temperament, following no set niche but the experience of travel.

That Backpacker – Audrey is a girl who wants more stamps on her passport. She’s slowly but surely working her way around the world, usually in search of markets, street food, jungles and beaches.

The Travel Belles – The travel magazine for women who know getting out of town is a beautiful thing.

The Travel Chica – Stephanie took a prolonged sabbatical to travel through Latin America. She writes about independent travel, living simpler, consuming less and experiencing more.

The Wrong Way Home – Izy is a solo female traveler, who focuses on long term travel and the adventure of exploring the world.

This Grasya on the Road of Life – Grasya has a master’s in computer science, but realized it’s just a title – like having lots of money is like having lots of paper and metal. She loves travel, coffee and poetry, and is an advocate of free stuff, including freedom.

Travel the Middle East – Completely enamored with the Middle East, Maria has lived, studied, and traveled extensively throughout the region.

Traveling the Middle East – A solo female traveler who’s lived around the Middle East on and off for several years wants to spread the word that, contrary to its image, the Middle East is safe, friendly, fascinating and ready to be explored. The site has recently launched its first blog.

Traveling with Sweeney – Cathy is a boomer woman travel enthusiast with a lifelong passion for going places. A weekend getaway, a last-minute trip to Europe, a cross-country road trip or a local jaunt — they’re all on her radar.

We Travel Around the World – Alex is a romantic and adventurous girl traveling around the world.



A Backpacker’s Tale – Stephen is a world traveler, whose first overseas trip changed his life. Since then, he’s poured all his determination and passion into making his dream of permanent travel his reality.

Around Cambodia – An informational blog about places to go and visit in Cambodia. It includes mini destination guides about various towns and cities in Cambodia – and travel promotions too.

Banana Roti – He’s a budget traveler who sometimes busts his budget to splurge on insanely amazing food, yet most of the times looks for heavenly dishes that won’t put a hole in his pocket.

Beach Holidays in Asia – This is your online guide to the wonderful islands and beaches in this region. It contains mini guides, travel tips, gorgeous pictures and a lot more

Budget Travel Adventures – Jeremy believes that spending less allows you to really connect with the places, people and culture in your travels.

Como Viajar Por el Mundo – Travel blog in Spanish. Osvaldo gives travel advice for Spanish speakers who want to learn the nuts and bolts of traveling.

Dream Euro Trip – A serial Euro tripper and a gypsetter, DJ Yabis has been traveling the world for almost 5 years now. He backpacked all over South East Asia for almost 2 years before moving to Europe in 2009. Since then he’s lived in Warsaw, Stockholm and Cologne. He has also ventured a bit across the (Atlantic) pond to see what’s it like in the Americas.

Everything Everywhere – Gary sold his house in 2007, and has been traveling around the world ever since. So far, he has visited all 7 continents, over 116 countries and territories around the world, all 50 US states, 9/10 Canadian provinces, every Australian state and territory, over 125 US National Park Service sites and over 180 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

FlipNomad – He’s an ordinary and a typical guy who started traveling when he was a kid, together with his grandma and other relatives around Luzon, Philippines. He then ventured outside of my usual destinations when he reached  the age of 25.

GloboTreks – Norbert is an architect who hit the pause button on his career. His goal is to visit every U.N. listed country before the end of 2020.

Imperator Travel – He was born in Romania and his name is Cezar, so he called his blog Imperator Travel. He first discovered his own country, and only then crossed the borders, adventuring in different adventures around the globe. He’s been traveling for 20 years now and, including Romania, he’s been to 88 countries.

Nomadic Samuel – A jack of all trades, Samuel has spent the majority of his twenties in Asia, working as an expat English teacher, model, photographer, freelance writer – and as a wandering nomadic soul completely infatuated by all the splendor and woe long-term travel has to offer an individual.

NYCxplorer – Jeff is a writer and tour guide who loves exploring his rich and fascinating hometown: New York City.

On My Feet or in My Mind – Erik is a 40 year old travel addict and aspiring travel blogger.

Pause the Moment – Ryan’s travel and adventure blog seeks to inspire its readers to break out of their comfort zones and experience everything this wonderful world has to offer.

Philippine Travel Forum – This site aims to become a source of helpful information about travelling in the Philippines. Here, you can find articles focusing on various travel destinations around the country, and some helpful tips as well.

Quirky Travel Guy – Scott is a hipster dork who puts a quirky spin on budget travel throughout the US and beyond.

Smiling Faces Travel Photos – Samuel has experienced a lot during six consecutive years on the road – most of it has been overwhelmingly positive. The majority of people he’s encountered on the road have been generous and kind spirited. His intention is to share those splendid moments where the people he’s met were radiating a wonderful smile. Here you’ll find photos – and the occasional travel video – of nothing less than grins.

Teach English Travel Overseas – Samuel’s site aims to be a resource for those looking to teach English and travel around the globe.

Technosyncratic – The blog was founded by Christy and Kali, digital nomads who traveled through the US, Europe and Southeast Asia before selling their travel blog. It is now being updated by a guy named Matt.

Travel Photography Tips – As a self-taught photographer, Samuel started from a very humble beginnings and now has his photos featured on print and online publications, and shared with thousands around the world. He created this site with the intention of helping those who would like to improve their travel photography.

Travel Rinse Repeat – John loves experiencing somewhere or something new. He is a frequent business traveler who takes full advantage of his travels, experiencing as much as he can in the process.

Travel World Heritage – Julio writes about his exploration and ranking of UNESCO world heritage sites, and his travels around South Korea.

Traveller’s Path – A travel guide to India. Among others, Dinesh’s site includes recommendations on how to get to India and what to experience and eat while you’re there.

Unwire Me – Rich is traveling overland through the Americas, from Canada to Patagonia (southern Argentina and Chile). He shares his travel experiences and shows you how you, too, can make a living from online businesses.

Wandering Earl – Back in 1999, Earl left home for a 3 month trip to Asia that has still yet to end. It is now his aim to prove that long-term travel is not a crazy fantasy, but a very real lifestyle option instead.




Active Backpacker – Tom and Trudy are an Aussie couple, and they are all about backpacking and discovering new people and places.

As We Travel – Sofia and Nathan are full-time travelers, who have already been to and blogged about 45 countries.

Backpacking Travel Blog – He’s Nomadic Samuel (see traveling men section) and she’s That Backpacker (see traveling women section). Their first conversation was about travel, and it lasted for hours. They’ve been together ever since – and now they share a blog.

Born2Travel – Stefy and Mark are two Italian travelers, who are backpacking the world with love. Their website is available in both Italian and English.

Don’t Ever Look Back – Amy and Kieron are an Australian couple sharing their travel adventures from around the world.

Four Jandals – Adela and Cole have been wearing out their jandals (Kiwi for flip-flops) on their travel adventures around the world since 2009.

Global Goose – She’s from Canada, he’s from the UK – and they met in New Zealand. Kelly and Lee are passionate travelers who love having adventures in all far-flung corners of the globe.

Inspiring Travellers – Andrea and John ask to inspire you to think differently about what you’re working on at the moment, whether you’ve visited dozens of countries or barely make it to the next town once a year.

No Vacation Required – Kent and Caanan jettisoned lives that revolved around compartmentalization and looking forward to a vacation. Now, there’s no more dreading Monday and no more “we’ll do that when we retire” mentality for them. They hope to inspire you to create your version of a No Vacation Required life.

Positive World Travel – Elise and Anthony are turning long-term travel to their lifestyle, and they want to inspire you to live the life you’ve always wanted.

Santa Fe Travelers – Billie and Steve have been on the road together, one way or another, for over thirty-seven years. They are passionate about food, travel and their US home-town, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Southwest Compass – A photographer and former screenwriter joins forces with a word-addict freelance writer. Together, they bring you a travel blog that focuses on southwest US, inspiration, information and humor.

The Constant Rambler – After years of working in retail and a poor work/life balance, Lauren and Kenin decided they needed a change to save both their quality of life and their marriage. They walked away from their careers, a steady paycheck, and the rat race. They took two adults and two dogs – and started traveling. Click here to read their interview with All Colores.

There and Back Again – Both Shanna and her husband grew up with parents who took them on camping and car trips. Now that they’re adults, they continue in their love of travel. They explore tourist attractions as well as the way regular locals live.

Travelling King – Sam and Pete enjoy traveling through Thailand and Australia. They share their tips on their blog to make travel easy for the everyday girls and guys.

Two Bad Tourists – David and Auston agree that wine is the key to world peace, and will continue to drink it until that peace is achieved. On their blog, you can find useful travel tips, as well as follow their personal adventures while they backpack around the world.



1 Dad, 1 Kid – Talon is a single parent, author, writer, former hospice chaplain, Zen monk, ultra runner, snowshoer, endurance cyclist, certified endurance running coach, scuba instructor, photographer, and lover of travelling, languages, and cultures. He left his traditional work life in 2011, and embarked on life as a full-time nomad, traveling around the world with his then-9 year old son, AKA tiger.

Escape Artistes – Theodora is a single mother who took her nine year old son on a one-year journey around the world. Then they discovered slow travel is better than fast. The nine year old is no longer nine, the year has been and gone, and they’re still living the travel lifestyle.

More Kids than Suitcases – Steve writes with humor about his family of five, who lives in Kelowna, Canada and enjoys every minute of living there, although you’d never know it by how much time they spend somewhere else.

The Barefoot Nomad – Micki and Charles first left home on a year long trip back in 2003, and have been hooked on travel ever since. Today, they’re sharing the joy of travel with their two little adventurers, son Cole and daughter Jordan.

The World is a Book – Mary was born on an island (the Philippines) and currently lives in California. She loves cruising, visiting National Parks and traveling the world with two kids in tow.

yTravel Blog – Caz and Craig have been living and traveling around the world since 1997, and are now traveling with their daughters, Kalyra and Savannah. yTravel Blog’s motto is “get inspired, get informed, get going”.