The Great Arrival at Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve, Colorado

Colorado is spectacular without even trying. Despite hours in the car, coming from the northern end of the state, I wasn’t bored with the scenery.

Fall was more or less at its peak color of the sun, bathing in sun rays.

Truthfully, though, I was ready to get out of the car and start exploring. I was ready to walk instead of sitting some more. Then the Great Sand Dunes started appearing in front of us, in the distance, and it was one of those moments….

It was just one of those special moments where you see a dream sight in real life.

The Great Sand Dunes weren’t supposed to be part of my Great American Adventure. They come up in plans for about a moment, and I got excited because they seemed such a fun place to visit. I had previously looked at photos of this park online and was blown away by the size of this grand sandbox when photographed with a human being nearby.

Then we kept indulging in the present moment in northern Colorado, and I didn’t move fast enough to make all the plans happen, because every single corner in Colorado is nothing less than stunning. We changed our route south and ended up including the Sand Dunes. I was excited!

Little did I know that the camping site, throughout which we drove to get to the entrance, would be beautiful itself.

If I camped here – and I camped here long enough to explore the whole park – I would go hiking in the camping site. Especially in fall, as the weather is good for fun winter clothing and the leaves spark the color of the sun.

Shining yellow wasn’t my only surprise. Food-gathering deer were the other surprise.

And as if one wasn’t enough, another deer soon joined the party!

Maybe the elk were far away at Rocky Mountain National Park, yet I got my wildlife watching from up close thanks to these cuties!

So much fun and we hadn’t even touched the dunes yet! Just wait for Sunday’s post!


Have you ever spontaneously changed trip plans and ended up realizing an extra dream?



  1. That park looks great!

    On my way to Mexico, I stopped to visit my brother in Arizona. He wanted me to go visit the Imperial Sand Dunes, across the border in California. I wasn’t up for it much (why would i want to see a bunch of sand?) until he mentioned that Star Wars was filmed there. I had to go 🙂

    The sand dunes were amazing and I took great pics there. Will post one day when I get caught up with my travel stories.

    Anyway, that’s what your pics reminded me of. But with the added backdrop of gorgeous mountains.

    -Rich Polanco
    UnwireMe recently posted..The Naked Truth About Location IndependenceMy Profile

    • I’ve never heard of the Imperial Sand Dunes! Had no idea California had a dunes park. Just another reason to love this state 🙂 I would probably have the same reaction as you – especially with the beach so close to me – had I not seeing photos of Colorado’s dunes. Now I’m a dunes fan 🙂 Can’t wait to read about your experience!

  2. Yep, Colorado is a gorgeous state. I’m so happy you got to see it. And I can’t wait to travel there myself to visit my brother and nieces soon!
    Sabina recently posted..Why I Prefer B&B’s to HotelsMy Profile

    • Thanks, Sabina 🙂 And I can’t wait for your photos from there! I would go back right now if I could. Gorgeous state and wonderful people 🙂


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