The Tel-Aviv Harbor

Even though Tel-Aviv is close to home, connecting with its harbor was never a priority for me. I have a beach so close to me, I spent the majority of my life not appreciating my good fortune. Through travel – and mostly, through reading on travel blogs the length to which people will go to find a good beach – I started appreciating. Nonetheless, you will not very likely see me making an effort to get to a beach site on a regular basis.

My first encounter with the Tel-Aviv Harbor was on a night I went out with co-workers to eat. We waited for the longest time (Israeli standards, not Disneyland-on-weekend standards) in the electronically-lit streets bellow a dark sky. The Tel-Aviv Harbor is filled with restaurants and pubs, and it is a highly popular nightlife spot. Not being a nightlife person, that night was my only taste of the harbor at night. We ended up going to another place, across the harbor street, where we waited still, but inside, sitting down. It was a fun night despite the long wait, that is all I remember.

My other visits to the harbor were when the sun lit my way – once for a project I worked on, the other time – to meet a European friend. I discovered a beautiful body of water, waves splashing joy across the pier.

I discovered an active lifestyle. By the restaurants, pubs and shopping opportunities, you can find walks for good causes, walks and biking for fun, and fishermen who can be seen between waves.

I found relaxation.

People sat all around to observe the water, to engage in people-watching.

I found humor on the beach.

The sign says: "I'm a beach, not a huge ashtray, Okay?!"

I also found a farmer’s market, organic food and the promise of finding Israel’s tastiest corn.

My greatest regret is not tasting the foods that were brought to this urban center. This winter-loving blogger will be back for the foods one day…. maybe even for the water.

Flights to other countries leave from the Tel-Aviv area, so Tel-Aviv residents get to see - or at least hear - planes on occasion, yet don't expect to see the harbor from the plane.

Have you ever been to the Tel-Aviv harbor? Would you like to go?



  1. Very nice. I love being near any body of water, although I do prefer a beach setting to the more industrial harbor areas. Still, as long as I can hear waves coming in, I find it incredibly peaceful.
    Steve recently posted..Taking Your Kids to the Vegas BuffetsMy Profile

    • Steve, not to offend the beach near my home or anything (it’s a beautiful place that always puts a smile on my face), but I’ll give you my beach for your snow!

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