Snapshots of Street Art in and Around Tel-Aviv, Israel

Outside the central bus station

I think I could have never noticed the occasional street art piece, hidden in the midst of tired-looking urban rush, had I not traveled to the other side of the world.

Maybe never is too big of a word, it likely is, yet travel has sure helped me rediscover nearby treasures. It has opened my eyes to the excitement of parking lots in New Zealand and Colorado – and electricity cabinets in Netanya, Israel. I open my eyes more. I see more. I’m in discovery mode almost always.

In 2009, Tel-Aviv celebrated a 100 years. I'm not sure what the bottle is about. Perhaps an old air conditioner was leaking?

As you travel through the streets of central Tel-Aviv, you will see old buildings that might look as though they threaten to collapse. It costs a fortune to live there, it’s one of the most expensive locations of the country, yet it is not because of the buildings’ beauty.

Winnie the Pooh and Bugs Bunny grace the outside areas of an old building in greater Tel-Aviv, alongside signs indicating the existence of a law firm in the building.

Tel-Aviv is about parties and social justice protests and culture and art, and if you look closely, you will find art looking back from various corners. Its surrounding cities – like Holon and Bat-Yam – are often nicknamed Tel-Aviv’s suburbs. They, too, will surprise you, if you let them, with the occasional piece of street art.

An older couple looking at a heart made of guitars in central Tel-Aviv

A painting outside an office that provides tours to Egypt, Jordan and Syria.


Have you ever been to Tel-Aviv? Did you notice the art?



    • Street art is fun! I, too, liked how that sign fits its environment 🙂


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