Puerto Iguazu, Argentina: Welcome to Paradise

Leaving the Iguazu Falls International Airport, there was one clear color to notice: green. The landscape was dominated by trees. A sign wished me to have a nice trip, yet the sign had no clue how nice it would really be – or did it?

I had just come from Buenos Aires, where I wore more than one layer. Where it was cold, the way I like it. The moment I landed in Puerto Iguazu – Argentina’s getaway to the Iguazu Falls it shares with Brazil – I took off my winter attire and remained started walking around in short sleeves. It was early September last year and Argentina was emerging from winter, yet in Puerto Iguaz – it was hot.

I wasn’t focused on the lack of winter. I was focused on the trees.

I knew I booked an “expensive” hostel – $15 a night for a bed in a dorm room instead of $10 in some other places, off season and when the country was still suffering from Chile’s volcanic eruption. I knew it had a great-looking pool.

I had no idea music would start playing in my head when the shuttle stopped and announced it was my station. This is what I saw:

I couldn’t get off the shuttle and see it up close fast enough.

It was the luxury experience of hostels, and Hostelling International did a fantastic job making me never, ever, ever wanting to leave.

A big hostel with pretty much every amenity one could dream of, restaurant included. The hostel’s team was a-mazing and I spent many hours talking to its members, laughing with them and…. drinking what I think was my first Mate, the Argentine national drink!

I went for my first swim in quite a while. I didn’t have a swimsuit and the water was too cold for me, yet it was fun!

Then I stayed by the pool for sunset-watching. I’ll leave you with the pictures!



How do you pamper yourself when you travel?



    • Hope you get a chance to do that one day, Anita! It took me years to make this dream trip a reality – and I finally did – so keep believing 🙂

    • It was such a great delight to stay in this hostel :):) I never imagined myself staying in hostels, until my cousin said she paid $10/night in Argentina two years before I started planning, and I realized I could travel for way longer than I initially planned – even if prices were now higher. I wasn’t sure how I’d survive the experience, yet it ended up being a lot of fun and I absolutely see myself doing it next time to save money. Of course, I did travel alone, so it was easier, yet there was a family staying in one of “my” hostels – and I’m sure it was cheaper for them than a hotel.

      I did research all hostels thoroughly before booking, yet I was still surprised that no bed bugs, drunk backpackers or thefts occurred. I did meet super great people – from staff to other travelers. Many times, the staff was made up of travelers too, and at others, locals from another place in the country stayed in the hostel for a trip or a conference, so it was really interesting and diverse.


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