Puerto Iguazu, Argentina – From the Air!

This post was written before the security situation in my region of the world escalated. My heart is with all the citizens suffering from the war that’s currently going on here, especially with my super great friend and her family in southern Israel. May there be peace in the Middle East already.


I suffer in flights sometimes. I can’t sleep for long periods of time on planes – even if it’s a 13 hour flight. Sometimes I want to move more or not wait until a flight attendant to take away my food plate just so I can have another inch of space.

Yet, most of the time, I love flights. They are part of my journey. I have this tendency to find myself on 11+ hour flights, yet long or short – I feel I’m already traveling once I enter the airport. I feel that getting on the plane takes it to a whole other level, and once the plane starts moving, once it goes up into the sky, into the clouds – I’m in joy.

It is then that I see sights I never, ever could have imagined, such as sunsets and sunrises that look nothing similar to what they look like from the ground.

I book flights far enough in advance to make sure I have a window seat. If I’ll have to pay extra for it next time, I probably will. Otherwise, for me, it’d be like going to Iguazu and staying inside a room with no windows – instead of exploring the falls. What kind of trip is that?

The one time I didn’t have a window seat was on a flight from Boston, Massachusetts to Denver, Colorado in the States – and I suffered. Conclusion? For me, a window seat is the way to go.


Puerto Iguazu from the Air

Not only seeing clouds from above is always fun, but the views that show up as the plane approaches landing always seem to be spectacular. My flight last year from Buenos Aires to Puerto Iguazu, Argentina, didn’t fail.

Greenery was everywhere I looked, and this color kept accompanying me through my days in the area.

I remember the following dark lands as green, and I’m pretty sure the sun – right against my camera’s lens – affected the color. It has been a little over a year, yet there are trees everywhere you look at Puerto Iguazu.

Alongside the green were vast spaces that seemed like water, and I suspect they were swamps.

I know the Corrientes province, where Iguazu is located, contains swamps.

In fact, if you travel overland between Buenos Aires and Puerto Iguazu, you’ll be able to stop at Esteros del Ibera (Ibera Wetlands), where you’ll be able to see swamps up close, with alligators swimming in them.

Right before landing, the vast, lush spaces of green trees revealed itself closely again.


What’s your favorite airplane seat?



  1. I understand wanting to sit in a window seat. I sometimes do it myself, especially on short flights. On long flights, though, I like to be free to get up and walk around without climbing over everyone, plus I have long legs, so I like an aisle seat. I always look out the window to the extent I can, though 🙂
    Sabina recently posted..A Very Sweet Middle Eastern Holiday – Eid al AdhaMy Profile

    • I have short legs and my long flights got me wondering if it’s a good idea to invest in a chair with larger leg space. I can’t imagine what it must be like to go on a plane with long legs! 🙂

    • Thanks! On my first flight with Southwest, I was amazed people sat by the window – only to pull down the “drape” and go to sleep. The one in my row did it while I was stuck in the middle seat…


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