Puerto Iguazu, Argentina: A Cute, Colorful Airport

Landing at the Iguazu Falls International Airport was a delight. The airport’s colors called my name right away.

I have spent many hours on airplanes and in airports over the past few years, even though I didn’t travel outside my country many times. I just seem to have an inclination to super long flights and for airport discoveries. For me, it is part of the journey, part of the road, part of travel.

I love watching airplanes in airports, each time noticing one more detail of their exterior, or of the work it takes to operate a flight.

Entering a new airport always gives me an excited sense of new discoveries. Will I know where to go? What will their bureaucracy be like? Will there be a long line? Will I meet interesting people? How will the airport welcome me to my new destination?

Puerto Iguazu’s airport looked small from outside. Inside, it looked more shiny. Commercials welcomed me as I waited for my luggage, which quickly arrived. One of the most popular Argentine actresses, Araceli Gonzalez, was on one of them.

I didn’t get to experience too much of the airport. Desks were set efficiently close to the baggage claim space.

Within an instant, it seemed, I bought a ticket for a shuttle – and went outside to catch it.

There were trees outside, everywhere I looked.

Even though I knew I would have a great time, Iguazu wasn’t the place I looked forward to the most on the trip. After all, Iguazu is all about summer (or so I thought – stay tuned) and I was running away from summer.

Nonetheless, it took me a magical flight and a short walk in and out of the airport to realize this place was more special than I could have ever imagined. I took one more look out the shuttle’s window before it drove off, whisking me to an unexpected paradise.


What do you love most about airports?



  1. I love small airports, although I might want it a little bigger than this one. I need at least a couple of places to choose from to eat. On the other hand though, airports in general are hugely exciting to me. It’s like Christmas morning…everybody is very excited about what they’re getting (or where they’re going).
    Steve recently posted..How Not to Act Natural at a Bus StopMy Profile

    • Having never experienced Christmas morning, I still agree about the excitement in the air. I didn’t see much of this airport, yet I did see 2-3 billboard ads who claimed that it had the best Duty Free in the world.

  2. It actually doesn’t look like an airport. It’s pretty cos it feels like you are just in a city and going into a townhouse!
    Very Unique one.
    Donna Spears recently posted..Some Safety Tips for Home RenovatorsMy Profile

    • It wasn’t my first small airport, yet it WAS indeed extra unique 🙂


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