On My Bucket List: A Dream Birthday Trip to the North Pole

Covered in fur, she runs to the horizon of the unending sun. It’s late June and she needs no air conditioner, for she is running on fields of snow. Suddenly, parts of the field break. The newly created swimming pool invites her in to play. After play comes time to eat, and she moves slowly, with confidence, one step at a time.

It is the end of the earth, where few humans have stepped, yet it is not the end of time. Polar bears have reigned here for millions of years. Their sense of smell is better than their eyesight and they search for food in silence.

Sea World San Diego's version of the Arctic

You can hear the wind, and the ice that gives in to their palms. Gives in, yet does not break. It is their abundant land to explore after months of cuddling in dreams to protect themselves from winter. It’s easy to comprehend how such an expansive, rich land would stimulate months-long dreams.

As she approaches the lazy water, another bear appears. They play a little, standing up, throwing their hands to each other’s fur. Their mouths unite as part of the play, and they are not faded by a random bird that flies above their heads. They play for quite sometime, going down to the ice, back up and down again. Their interaction is their entertainment.

Once they’re done, they shake their heads, stretching their necks, and ice falls around. Then they go on with their search. In the ice that turned to ocean, they search for seals and beluga whales. They carry no camera to document the show-off of a tale. They carry their teeth, for these massive animals are their nutrition, and they must eat enough to be able to survive not only today or this season, but their winters of dreams as well.

A polar bear sleeping at Sea World San Diego


This post is part of the Cafe Chat: Planning a Dream Birthday Trip by The Travel BellesI will likely spend my upcoming, late June birthday studying for tests and writing papers for my last semester of BA, and I will be as close as can be to an air conditioner as summers in central Israel drift of humidity. However, I hope to spend a future birthday way up north someday, cuddling in a warm coat and holding a camera with gloves. I’m not sure whether I’ll enjoy watching all stages of hunt, yet I look forward to seeing the polar bears in person.


What will make for your dream birthday trip? Let me know in the comments or write your own blog post, and link it up on the website of The Travel Belles.



    • Awe thank you, so glad you enjoyed it 🙂 Congratulations on your one year anniversary, very exciting!

  1. This is beautiful, Ayelet. I love polar bears and can’t stand the thought of them having trouble surviving due to global warming. I really hope you get to go to the North Pole and see them 🙂
    Sabina recently posted..On The Road to DahabMy Profile

    • Thanks, Sabina 🙂 Polar bears are magnificent, I can’t stand the thought of them struggling because of our misuse of the planet either. It would be such a privilege to see them in nature.

    • Thanks Stephanie! My trip to the Americas indeed taught me that even big dreams are within reach. One of the aspects I love about Earth is that at the same time of year, you can experience such different climates in different parts of the world. Love this diversity. And late June is a great time for a birthday 🙂

  2. While the North Pole sounds fun (and really, really cold), I think my preference would be to go to Churchill, Manitoba in the late fall where the polar bears gather and wait for the ice to reform so they can head back north to their winter hunting grounds.
    Of course, it’s your birthday, so we’ll go wherever you want. 🙂
    Steve recently posted..Disney Princess EtiquetteMy Profile

    • I appreciate your willingness to let me choose my birthday trip 🙂 I LOVE the idea of Churchill and it is very much on my bucket list… as soon as I pick myself off the floor, as I (metaphorically) fell after reading how expensive those polar bear tours are. It’s definitely a place worth postponing my birthday celebration for! Or extending it, you know, after the North Pole summer trip. I don’t know when it will happen, I just really know it will.

    • I would love to live somewhere called North Pole, Alaska! I hope you get to see other kinds of bears on your trip 🙂

    • And don’t forget a scarf and a hat. I was surprised how much they made a difference in freezing cold. 5 layers of clothes was what I wore to southern Argentina at the end of winter there. I think to the North Pole I’ll need at least 10 layers, but as long as I have gloves that enable me to take pictures, I’ll be OK!

  3. The north pole, this is one of my dream. If I ever go there it will be alone, none of my relatives wishes to go there. I hope you will get the opportunity to go.
    Michel recently posted..Comment on Cuba by MarkMy Profile

    • I hear you, no one around me would go either. Hope you get to go too 🙂


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