New Zealand Moment of the Week: Wildlife in the Distance

While traveling through New Zealand, you will see wildlife in fields everywhere you go – mostly cows and sheep.

Sometimes you’ll be in a car or on a bus and the wildlife spot you see will soon disappear into the distance.



That’s OK, there’ll be plenty of other spots. This is New Zealand, you know.


New Zealand Moment of the Week is my way of re-living the unexpected fairytale journey that made me a world traveler (thanks, R!) – and sharing it with you. Every week on All Colores, you will find one more moment of joy.


Have you seen cows and sheep up close and personal?



  1. This is a gorgeous photo! Within the past couple of years I’ve become much more appreciative of nature. Hence, it is far more likely that I’ll be visiting New Zealand now than it was in my previous, non-appreciative of nature mode 🙂
    Sabina recently posted..A Very Sweet Middle Eastern Holiday – Eid al AdhaMy Profile

    • Thanks! I hear you, because I was planning an urban trip…. until I found myself in New Zealand 🙂

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