New Zealand Moment of the Week: Where We Didn’t Stay

You already know that my first night in New Zealand greeted me with the most beautiful moon in the universe. And you already know that when I woke up, I was awe-struck by a sunbathing ocean.

But what you don’t know is where we didn’t stay.

For reasons unclear, when my relative and I stopped to admire the cold, beautiful beach, we walked into another hotel. I think we wanted to check out its restaurant, yet ended up not eating there. We did, however, check out the view.

Yep, it really is a pool that reflects the clouds and has a view of the ocean. I bet it would have been interesting to try swimming there. Given that we experienced rain almost every time we left the car, we would have had water in front of us, bellow us – and above us! AH, a winter vacation 🙂


New Zealand Moment of the Week is my way of re-living the unexpected fairytale journey that made me a world traveler – and sharing it with you. Every week on All Colores, you will find one more moment of joy.


Have you ever tried an outdoor pool while it rained on you?



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