New Zealand Moment of the Week: This is What Happened to the Last Guest Who Complained

Imagine you wake up in the morning, pull yourself out of bed…. to photograph a stunning sunrise…. get ready for the day and go outside to wait for a tour bus to pick you up for a day tour. Another exciting day was beginning.

You have been on the other side of  the planet for a two whole days, four if you count the flights, and life’s pretty good.

While waiting for the tour bus, you walk around the premises and take photos. Greenery everywhere, a body of water at the end of the street, flowers all around you.

Then you see this.

For the record, this was the only spooky moment in New Zealand…. besides the time I almost drowned in quicksand and the time I thought we would be left stranded in a forest and…..

Seriously, though, everyone we met in New Zealand was incredibly friendly and 99.9% of the places we visited felt pretty safe.

This motel is lucky it has front row views of the most beautiful moon in the universe. So I laughed and hoped it was indeed a joke….


New Zealand Moment of the Week is my way of re-living the unexpected fairytale journey that made me a world traveler (thanks, R!) – and sharing it with you. Every week on All Colores, you will find one more moment of joy.

Have you ever received this sort of hospitality?



  1. I love hotels that actually have a sense of humor. I’m betting you didn’t find anything to complain about during your stay though did you?
    Steve recently posted..Disney StorytellingMy Profile

    • I had a view to the world’s most beautiful moon, sunrise and sunset…. Complaining never never crossed my mind.


  1. New Zealand Moment of the Week: Nothing to Complain About - All Colores | All Colores - [...] to the RSS feed for updates on this topic.Powered by WP Greet Box WordPress PluginGiven the Halloween-like humor of…

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