New Zealand Moment of the Week: The Most Beautiful Moon in the Universe

My relative and I arrived at our first hotel at Paihia, Bay of Islands, in the dark. I spent two days in flights to get to New Zealand. I arrived in the morning, met up with my fairy-godmother-slash-relative and we traveled all day long. We were both exhausted and in awe of the beauty we already saw.

Little did we expect to move the curtains covering our balcony and discover a full moon shinning bright in the sky, reflecting in the water.

At that moment, I wished I knew how to paint. I wished the moment would never end. No photograph could ever do it justice, therefore kindly treat this photo as a teaser. You must see it for yourself to truly understand. Doesn’t it look like a nightly sun?

And just wait to see how it looked in daylight!


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  1. That really does look like a sun. Are you sure you weren’t just thrown off by the time change, and you actually took this picture on a dark and stormy day around noon? If not, it must have been quite the amazing sight to see!
    Steve recently posted..The Suspense of the SunPassMy Profile

    • Anything is possible! Though there WAS light out all day long, and then it got dark even before we got to our lodging…. so perhaps it was one of those times when nature is simply spectacular!

    • Seeing a full moon is so much fun. And this was the end of my first-ever day on a trip abroad! If we don’t count the two days it took to get there. Beautiful, beautiful moment 🙂

  2. Nighttime picture-taking has been one of my biggest frustrations since I started doing photo-journals.

    I witnessed a full-moon over Cape Breton, Canada. It was amazing how the light bathed everything in a warm glow. Alas, no matter what I tried, my camera couldn’t do it justice.

    I’ll have to invest in a good SLR camera, as it seems I’m outgrowing my little point-and-shoot.

    Happy travels!

    Rich Polanco recently posted..Lake Atitlan: Heartbreak at The Most Beautiful Lake in The WorldMy Profile

    • I relate so much! I brought such a basic camera to New Zealand and now regret it immensely. To my defense, I really had no idea I was going to New Zealand! I upgraded toward my Americas trip and will upgrade big time again when I go on my next big trip, no doubt about it. It’ll be part of the budget. You live and you learn 🙂 As much as I’m addicted to taking photos and as much as I would have preferred a better photo, I’m so glad I lived through the experience of seeing this moon this way I’m glad you got to have a similar experience in Canada, it sounds magical.

      Happy travels to you too 🙂

  3. It really does look like sun in the night! You did a great job of capturing this photo. What a great way to begin your stay in New Zealand!


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