New Zealand Moment of the Week: The Beach at the Intersection

“You mean, you just drive, unsuspecting, and a beach shows up?” you might ask.

“No way!” you might say.

I will let the writing on the road answer this one.




And even if you don’t stop, you won’t lose the sight.



In New Zealand, you can do your thing and not worry for a moment. A sense of awe will stay with you wherever you go.



New Zealand Moment of the Week is my way of re-living the unexpected fairytale journey that made me a world traveler – and sharing it with you. Every Thursday on All Colores, you will find one more moment of joy.


Where is a sense of awe catching up with you these days?



  1. I just came back from a nice beach in Galle, Sri Lanka, but I am still jealous of these pictures. How long did you stay there? Did you get some nice food?

    • I hear Sri Lanka is beautiful! Hope I get there one day. I was only in New Zealand for two weeks, but the flights back and forth took a few extra days! And I did eat some tasty foods, do need to include a food picture one of these weeks, thanks for the idea! 🙂


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