New Zealand Moment of the Week: Insights from a Restaurant

My relative and I were hungry. We had arrived from different parts of the world on international flights, then drove (OK, she drove) out of Auckland, New Zealand’s capital, so that we could focus on the incredible nature New Zealand has to offer.

We found a coffee house or restaurant on our way. Even  though the windows were filled with very recent rain and the view does not come across well in the photos, the restaurant’s big windows were a wonderful treat as the view was beautiful to watch while we ate.

It turned out to be a very educational place. We learned, for example, that no man is lonely while eating spaghetti…. because it requires so much attention!

New Zealand Moment of the Week is my way of re-living the unexpected fairytale journey that made me a world traveler – and sharing it with you. Every Thursday on All Colores, you will find one more moment of joy.


    • They are! And love the coincidence, will check out your post soon 🙂 It’s true, you can really learn from all places, all people, even from clouds!

  1. That spaghetti quote is hilarious! I’ve never heard it before. I’m looking forward to more New Zealand posts from you 🙂

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