New Zealand Moment of the Week: A Walk in an Ancient Forest – Part 1

The first impression is the picturesque feel. Led by a Maori guide, we enter it. Coming from the French Polynesia, Maoris were New Zealand’s first settlers.

Some of them, we learn, excavated New Zealand’s North Island to find rubber. To this day, rubber is used in many industries, such as the car and medical industries, as it contains a multiplicity of important ingredients, including a bit of fat and minerals. The locals made holes around gum trees’ roots and branches, and dug tunnels in the hopes of finding even more rubber.

This was a touristy kind of tour, so we could see a simulation of how how they lived and the tools they used for their work.

That – and our guide pointed to two trees, which stood side by side (yet not necessarily shown in photos in this post). One of them was a source of nourishment, the other – dangerous. They stood so close, only an educated eye could tell the difference.


Have you ever been to an ancient forest?


New Zealand Moment of the Week is my way of reliving the unexpected fairytale journey that made me a world traveler in 2009 (thanks, R!) – and sharing it with you. Every week on All Colores, you’ll find one more moment of joy.




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