Netanya, Israel: Have You Ever Taken an Elevator to the Beach?

Me neither!

I did, however, take an elevator from the beach up to a beautiful terrace recently in Netanya.

Growing up in Netanya, I used to hear time and again that there would be an elevator to the beach and never could understand it. The beach is accessible from almost everywhere in Netanya. Located in central Israel, the city has ten kilometers of beach. Many times, the beach is not overloaded with people, since many people prefer going south to Tel-Aviv or north to Haifa.

Walking to the beach as an adult, I notice it is not always accessible to just anyone. The city is separated from the beach by a fifteen meter cliff. Many times, reaching the beach requires the use of stairs, and if you happen to be sitting in a wheelchair, you might find yourself looking harder for a way to reach the water.

The elevator, which was finally built in 2004 on Sironit Beach, offers another way. But not only does it work as a great new solution for accessibility – it also provides great view.

See the black building? That's where the elevator is located.

This is what you’ll see inside this black building, right by the elevator:

This is the view you will see while inside the elevator:

If you take the elevator from the beach, you will reach a terrace which will provide you with a panoramic view of the area. Of course, you can also observe this view before going down to the beach.

Close by, you will find a promenade filled with flowers, shade and sea view. As with the beaches, promenades are abundant in Netanya.

Restaurants abound as well, so you can sit down to absorb your experience or buy food to keep you company as you await the sunset back at the beach.


Have you ever been to Netanya?



  1. When you said “Elevator to the beach” I had something completely different in mind. That’s a real fancy looking piece of equipment, and I’m impressed that someone (the government?) spent the money to build it. Beautiful beach as well by the way.
    Steve recently posted..Huntington Beach HardshipsMy Profile

    • The mayor and her staff put a big budget into building this. They’re renovating all over the city, but I, too, was positively surprised they put so much money into making the beach accessible. It’s a gorgeous beach, no matter the season, and I’m glad more people are able to enjoy it now.

  2. Ayelet, the second I saw this post I said out loud to myself, “oh, oh, oh, I’ve taken that elevator to the beach!” I remember it well! It was on my very first day in Israel ever, just after I’d arrived at my hotel. I think it was called the Ron Beach Hotel but can’t exactly remember. It was right after tourism was just starting to sputter back to life in 2008 after the 2nd Intifdada, and my room was only 35 USD per night!

    Anyway, I wanted to go to the beach immediately upon my arrival in Netanya and the elevator was very close by, so I walked down the walkway to reach it, and there was a sign saying that you had to show identification to take it! I guess because of security issues in Israel at the time? Whatever the reason, I didn’t have to show any I.D. after all because the older man in charge of taking the I.D.s was sitting in a chair in front of the elevator – asleep! It was so funny.

    I didn’t want to disturb him, so I walked on by, got in the elevator, had a great walk on the beach followed by an interesting pickled fish meal (accompanied by stray cats, happily). Of course I wanted to take the elevator back up to my hotel after I was finished, but I had to walk back up instead because…I couldn’t find the elevator! Give me a break. I was severely jet lagged. 🙂
    Sabina recently posted..Animals in Restaurants – Cute Complement or Health Hazard?My Profile

    • How exciting that you actually took that elevator to the beach! And I love it that you chose Netanya for your first day in Israel! The story of the sleeping guard is hilarious, though I can understand it. I did my share of guarding duties in the army, and while I never fell asleep, it WAS kind of boring at times. And I guess the guard was there because of when you came. There’s no sign of a guard there now. Maybe it’s better you didn’t find the elevator – it’s a pretty area to get lost in 🙂 And of course there were stray cats, LOL!

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