Nature Dances and Flourishes in Tel-Aviv, Israel: What a Way to Start 2012!

I love rain. I love clouds. I love nature. 2012 opened here with pouring rain, flourishing flowers and clouds that have taken especially dramatic shapes.

Can you see a face in this picture?

Can you see a face?

I tend to believe that there’s beauty everywhere, therefore most (if not all) of the time I carry a camera with me. Two days ago, when I got off the bus for my walk to campus in Tel-Aviv (Israel), I prolonged the way to take photos.

It was pouring rain and I was holding my red umbrella in one hand, and my water-proof camera on the other. Red is my absolute favorite color, it represents passion for me – a passion for life, a passion for the world, a passion to create, you name it. My water proof camera is the first purchase I made for my trip to the Americas (Argentina and the United States) after having lost 3000 (!!) out of 8000 photos in New Zealand to the beautiful rain. See, I had the simplest camera back then and it rained all the time – yet the camera kept on working! I thought, if it keeps on working, I can keep on taking photos! Correction: only so much. I was camera-innocent, yet trust me – I have more than learned my lesson. And it hurt. This time around I bought a water-proof camera months before I even bought my plane ticket!

Here are a few more photos from my walk toward campus:


Then I saw something that made me laugh.

Israel is a very technology-advanced Western country, yet unfortunately it is not that used to rain. Look at this dance of rain drops on a sidewalk:

And look at these colors! I love seeing how nature changes forms.


The sixth photo (second row, 3rd from the left) is already inside the campus. As I walked up the steps, I saw these on the left (on the right there’s a MacDonald’s and other eateries):

Did I mention how much I love the color red? 🙂 🙂

Well, at a certain point a woman does need to get to class. This is the side of my building:

A few more photos before entering class….


On the way back home, I noticed the clouds got together to celebrate the entrance of 2012:

And it was the beginning of sunset, too!!

AND on the way back to the bus station I saw another gorgeous flower!

I caught a service cab, which is similar to a bus, except it only seats 10 people and not 50. Also, you stop them by lifting your hand up in the hair – as though you were hitch-hiking. The great thing about them is that they stop not only in bus stations, so you can get on and off almost wherever you want (though the route is pretty regular). You’ve gotta have talent to get on something else and think it’s a service cab. They’re yellow, look like a big car, and have both signs on them of their destinations and the company for which they work. Only in Hebrew though, so if you’re visiting and the letters look Chinese to you, don’t worry. Ask a local and we’ll be glad to help ya.

Also important: Unlike on a bus, you don’t “ring a bell” when you want to get off. You say, “Driver, can you please stop at such-and-such?” Busses are cheaper by less than a dollar and go down the same routes. Whereas on a bus you pay the driver when you first come up, in a service cab you can take a seat and transfer money through the people sitting in front of you. That’s how the driver transfers the change back to you if you don’t sit in one of the two front-row seats. It’s actually very comfortable, except for today, when it prevented me from taking a super beautiful cloud photo. Yes, I take photos from busses and service cabs!

And it was raining, so expect rain drops to decorate these pictures:

Here are the pictures….


And two more…. Watch nature dance as the light turns green for a happier, more egalitarian, more enviornment-hugging year!


    • Recently, I’ve had to admit it’s not ALWAYS hot in Israel…. Just most of the time…. Those flowers were one of my favorite parts of the day 🙂


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