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Photography is one of the greatest fun parts about travel for me. It teaches me to stay present, both for the sake of capturing the present and, mostly, because a moment passed will not return. Thousands of lost photographs taught me that, while thousands of thousands of photos that survived challenges help me relive the magic time and again. Of course, it is not the same, yet it still gets me smiling widely. Photography  teaches me to pay attention to my surroundings and to the details that create the specific wholes. Plus, photography is a lot of fun!

That’s why I didn’t think twice when I learned that Caanan and Kent from No Vacation Required announced they were looking to tag blogs in the 7 Super Shots game upon publishing their own super shots. The opportunity to play with photos was too fun to miss. I e-mailed them and there was still space on their list. Yay!


The 7 Super Shots Game

7 Super Shots is a project initiated by HostelBookers, a website that enables you to book hostels,  guesthouses, apartments and budget hotels around the world with no booking fee. Since January, the travel community has been filled with posts celebrating the fun act of bringing the magic of the world back home and sharing it with others. You choose 7 photos, one per category, tell your readers about it – then tag 5 more people whose travel photos you can’t wait to see.


And so, here it is…. The photo that….


The view from Mount Otto, Bariloche, Argentina. The logical explanation for traveling to Argentina in September – end of winter there – was that it was the only opportunity between semesters. The real reason is the possibility to finally experience some Winter Wonderland. Growing up in a beach city that turns very humid in summers, with summers lasting for a big part of the year, I longed to experience some snow and snuggle up with a warm cup of chocolate. That day in Bariloche was freezing so much, I was finally convinced to buy a goofy hat and a scarf. Turns out those too really help! Facing the winds of Patagonia was worth it: the view was crystal clear, with snow-capped mountains, a deep blue Nahuel Huapi lake, dramatic clouds and the ability to play in the snow. Yes, this is the banner photo of my blog. Polar bears could have been a great addition, yet even without them, I was in absolute bliss.



Very little beats seeing animals in nature, and penguins are some of my favorite animals, alongside bears and dolphins. This gorgeous penguin posed for my camera, and it seems to know its self worth. It was one of the first few hundred penguins to make it back to Peninsula Valdez, Argentina, this last September to re-build the nests they left earlier in the year and get them ready for the baby penguins that will be created on this peninsula. I saw penguins twice during my stay in Peninsula Valdez, and each time I couldn’t stop smiling. Their patience, as they wait for humans to path inspired me to take another breath myself when in a hurry. Their walk made me laugh, even more so as several penguins walked together. They are some of the cutest, most adorable living beings around.



Mountains covered with snow indulging the shinning sun of the the southern most city in the world – Ushuaia, Argentina. I came there to see a glacier, yet it turned out to be covered with snow. I found myself hiking up the mountain, not before enjoying a cable car ride up there, noticing streams of water that not long ago used to be snow. Though I went skydiving 4 years prior to arriving in Argentina, a surprising fear of heights caught me as I faced a cable ride in Bariloche. Throughout the trip, I kept practicing cable car rides until I was free of the fear and able to enjoy the experience. I dream of mastering fear in every area of my life in order to keep turning dreams into reality, and I dream of experiencing many more Winter Wonderlands.



Visiting Sea World San Diego was a lot of fun. Who doesn’t enjoy watching dolphins and whales outside their computer screen? The park enables you to watch all kinds of other animals, such as fish from around the world and sea stars. I held a live star there, how fun is that? One of the animals I most looked forward to seeing was this polar bear, who was busy snoozing as we passed. I had mixed feelings about zoos before, and when I saw this beauty captured inside a box in sunny California (though I’m sure it was freezing inside the box), I wanted to set it free and run with it to play on glaciers in northern Canada a moment before they, too, melt.



Glaciers make my mouth water. I spent four days admiring glaciers and learning about them in El Calafate, Argentina, and it felt far from “enough”. This is a gigantic, artistic-like iceberg that broke off from one of the glaciers in the Glacier National Park that is reachable from El Calafate. The stunning blue you see inside is how glaciers look from the inside. You can see lots of that as you go trekking on glacier Perito Moreno at this park. There are all kinds of hiking levels and it’s always done with professional guides. If I can do it – you can do it. It is my hope that we take care of our planet so that glaciers will remain with us. It is my dream to make it back to this park, as well as to travel to other glaciers in the world, such as in northern Canada and Antarctica. Ah, Antarctica…. That word alone makes my mouth water!



This photo was taken at the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Denver, Colorado. Making the mistake of visiting mid-day, this is one of the very few animals that weren’t sleeping. The sanctuary is committed to rescuing large wild animals from captivity and abuse, as well as educating the public. In fact, as you drive to their entrance gate, you will see a sign asking you to back away if you are not willing to learn. Inside, you get a portfolio with stories and explanations about the animals, and you are free to wander as you wish on the single path and terrace. There is no snuggling with animals or holding them. The sanctuary goes to great length to offer them as much of a natural environment as possible, including hidden-from-view areas. Their longer, more expanded path – due to open this month – will likely give you more viewing opportunities, yet binoculars and/or a big camera zoom are highly recommended nonetheless.



I love watching sunrises and sunsets. I contemplated giving you another winter shot, yet I like diversity. Plus, it was very freezing the morning I arrived in Puerto Madryn, Argentina, and saw this spectacular sunrise around 7 AM, so it fits. Puerto Madryn is the getaway to wildlife watching in Peninsula Valdez – penguins, whales, dolphins and sea lions being the superstars of the area. During my days in Puerto Madryn in September, whales were seen swimming up this very beach. The city center has a beach-side promenade filled with art carved on wood, and, as you can see, it also offers fascinating encounters with the sun. When it starts this way, a day is bound to be super!


Now, this was a lot of fun!

Thanks, Caanan and Kent! Be sure to visit their blog to get inspired on how to lead a life in which no vacation is required!


Tag Along for the Game

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Which photo did you like best?



  1. Beautiful shots! I was hooked already, and then you threw in the polar bear shot! I’m a sucker for anything polar bear. It’s cold where I live this morning though, and you definitely have a bit of a winter feel to your shots.
    Steve recently posted..The Art of Video GamesMy Profile

    • How fun that you enjoyed the photos 🙂 I’m a sucker for anything polar bear too! At least you live in the same country as they do, so if you see them, will you tell them I sent polar bear hugs?


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