Like Walking Inside a Photo: My first independent “trek”

I wrote most of this post yesterday, and apparently didn’t save the draft properly when my transfer to the airport arrived, and it is lost.

The post detailed my adventure from two days ago, when I spent 4 hours inside a forest in the Argentine Iguazu National Park. There is a trail in the park called Macuco (spelling?), where animals such as birds, monkeys and big cats live. I was told by two-three different people that it’s safe to walk there alone, as the animals prefer to party at night. I was told I would see only birds.

I saw 2-4 birds, each one for an instant. I saw butterflies. Hardly as many as I saw in photos taken in summer, yet magical nonetheless. Most of the time, I was indeed alone on the trail. Every once in a while, people came from behind me or from in front of me (you’ve gotta walk it all back at the end). Except for two school kids groups, it was always one to three people, and they usually walked away pretty fast.

I didn’t. I took photos and explored. Saw different kinds of plants, different ways the path curved, different ways the sky looked at different moments, places, angles. I noticed the butterflies and stopped walking when I did. Therefore, they kept flying nearby. Some posed for photos, most didn’t. Many flew around me several times and then flew away. It was magical.

Towards the end of the trail, it started raining. A thunder greeted the forest. I love rain, yet being alone there and not knowing how intense the rain could get, or how it could effect the forest, I was a little scared. I decided to stay more focused on reaching the end of the trail. Since I was almost at the end after walking for a few hours, there was no point in turning back, and walking all the way back, without seeing the cherry on top. Fortunately, a mother and son showed up behind me, and likely it was only then that I remembered the guide in the previous day’s excursion saying that there is no extreme weather in the area.

And indeed, the rain stopped pretty quickly. I arrived at the first part of the cherry on top – the bottom of two gorgeous falls. A couple of people even got inside the “pool” of water, or bellow the falls. I did as others and climbed on two small rocks, yet did not climb further as they did, given that I realized I have no idea how to do it without falling, not to mention returning to safety. Since I don’t do this on a regular basis (or ever), I even had a little challenge getting down from where I did stand (put the wrong foot first), and fortunately, the above mentioned mother (or perhaps she’s his much older sister? Or something else?) helped me out. She’s also the one who took my photos at this point in the forest. Thank you, woman I don’t know!

After I finished there, I climbed stairs. And more stairs. And then I arrived at the lookout: I saw the falls from above, I saw people in bathing suits bellow, I saw calm water near trees on the left – and unending tree tops on the right, which affirmed that I had indeed walked inside a forest.

At the lookout, I saw butterflies, a raccoon and a weird warm moving in one single point in the air. After seeing something similar on the ground on the way back, I wondered if I was witnessing the birth and/or death of part of nature, perhaps a butterfly.

It took me 3 hours to walk in one direction and approximately one hour to walk back down the same path. I wad motivated to hurry up by the wish to make it to the upper falls circle, which I had missed the day before, yet by the time I ended my forest journey, I could not walk anymore.

Unlike my usual life, that includes mostly studying and working, all of it sitting down, I have been walking all day long almost every day since I started my American journey. So this rime I let go and returned to the hostel for my final night in Puerto Iguazu.




































  1. איזה תמונות יפות! נראה כל כך שליו שם..

    • דפנה, איזה כיף שאת פה (: באמת שליו שם, והייתי שם כמעט לבד-לבד עמ הטבע! זה נמצא בפארק של המפלים, ורוב האנשים הולכות/ים כנראה רק למפלים.

  2. אני קוראת את הפוסטים שלך בהנאה מלאה. גם כי את כותבת בצורה נהדרת, ומצליחה להעביר את הדברים כמעט בצורה מוחשית, וגם כי אני עכשיו בעיצומם של חיפושים והכנות לקראת נסיעה שלנו לארגנטינה בדצמבר-ינואר הקרוב. בטח אני עוד אתעלק עלייך עם שאלות 🙂 אין כמו מידע טרי ממי שנמצא שם עכשיו.
    תמשיכי לטייל, להנות ולדווח 🙂

    • איזה כיף לראות אותך כאן (: ואיזה כיף שאת נהנית מהבלוג! ארגנטינה הפכה לנושא אהוב מאוד אצלי, כך שתרגישי חופשי לשאול שאלות. קחי בחשבון שיתכן ולא תרצי לעזוב – המדינה הזו מלאת קסם (: (:


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