Jerusalem’s Ice Festival: A Night Out on the Ice

Did you know that the Jerusalem Ice Festival was actually called Ice City?

And, as in any city, residents and visitors need a place or two to dine out or get some drinks.

Therefore, Israeli artists came together to create Israel’s official ice bar!

You couldn’t really sit on the chairs and no eating or drinking was really allowed (except for visitors in the first few weeks of the exhibition), yet we were invited to sail on our imagination and indulge in fantasies of the tastiest foods and drinks we could have here.

The creators knew it would be tempting to touch the ice, or maybe even sit on it. Everywhere throughout the exhibition, there were signs asking visitors not to touch the sculptures. The flags you see here represent the national flag.

Some camels stood right by the ice bar.

I guess that when ancient Jerusalem residents finished eating and drinking, they took their camels to see some art exhibitions.

Maybe they passed through this tunnel-slash-igloo on the way.

As mornings rose, they probably sat on their thrones and watched their pigeons eat and drink.

The ice festival was incredibly fun for me and I didn’t want to leave – even though the gate leading out was very beautiful.

Therefore, I took another look (or two) back before I finally decided it’s more important my friend doesn’t freeze than that I will be able to live in a winter wonderland for a bit longer.


Oh, but wait! I still haven’t told you about the most enchanting icy part of all: the world of icy fairy tales!

Stay tuned to next Tuesday to see wonders, colors and a whole lot of fun….


Have you ever taken camels to a museum?



  1. LOL. No, I can honestly say I’ve never taken camels to a museum. Obviously I’ve missed out on one of the great experiences out there. I’ll begin the planning right away!
    The festival looks amazing! I can see why they’d have to rope off the seats though. I doubt that a simple sign would be enough to keep me from trying them out.
    Steve recently posted..The Top Five (or Ten) Things I Learned While CampingMy Profile

    • Steve, you’re missing out! 😉 And yeah, it was challenging enough not to touch the ice to make sure it’s real, so to have extra temptations?

    • I went in there thinking about how fun it will be to be in the cold in the midst of our hot and humid summer, and I ended up being pretty impressed with the art. I wish they also offered a workshop – I want to know how they did it!

  2. This looks way, way cooler (no pun intended) than I thought it would be! Next time when you give me advice about what to see, I will lislten!


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