It’s Been 5 Days and a Half Since I Returned

And I am grateful. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to enjoy the more positive parts of globalization. I am grateful for all the challenges, the broken rules, the opportunities that kept appearing. I am grateful for all the people who took time off their lives to help me touch what once seemed impossible, and for all the unexpected people I met along the day. And I am grateful for the beauty this world possesses, and for the tools I have, that have brought me thus far and helped me breathe in the unending joy.

The trip has kept me happy for over a year now, and within the whirlwind of figuring out my life now that I’m back, it is keeping me happy still. There are still stories to be told, still photos to enjoy. This trip is my very solid proof that opportunities and possibilities are greater than any imagination, and that faith in one’s own is absolutely worth it.

Returning isn’t easy for me. I miss the landscapes and the cities, I miss the people, I miss experiences I don’t have in daily life and a different kind of freedom. Yet I am grateful every time I attend a fascinating class. I am grateful to get to see and talk to friends. I am grateful for the countless opportunities that await me, in my fearless path.


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