Impressions of Downtown Denver, Colorado

After encountering wild animals from afar in Keenesburg, my relatives and I made our way to Denver, surrounded by Colorado’s beauty.

That beauty turned out to be not solely in nature, but in the fact Colorado, or someone in Colorado, refused to forget young children killed on the side of the road. By these crosses we saw flowers as well as small teddy bears. I wrote this post before the Aurora, Colorado massacre took place this last Thursday, right outside Denver. Now I can’t look at this photo without thinking of all the people who went to catch a movie and will never return home, and of those who returned home without their loved ones.

The entrance to Denver was striking, as it required passing through approximately four bridges.

Denver seemed like a town that knows its worth. Buildings widely ranging in architecture, colors and size shared our path through downtown.

Denver Woman's Press Club

The Colorado State Capital building enables you to stand one mile above sea level. Just look for the writing on the outside stairs.

As my relative shared her family’s history, which is mixed with Denver’s history, the city felt to me rich in celebration. Everywhere, statuses greeted us.

I later learned there is an additional, giant, blue statue of a bear somewhere in Denver. If you find it, be sure to send me a picture.

First marks of Halloween appeared on this mid October day.

Trees were abundant, and featured rare strokes of fall on some of their leaves.

Denver reminded me to never stop wondering, as it showcased the most bizarre sunset I have seen to date, glowing in light as the night settled into its chair.


Have you ever been to Denver?



    • Haha, I never thought of Denver as looking like a little town. I guess it’s because little towns don’t have such fancy buildings where I come from. Colorado is highly recommended 🙂

    • Thanks Scott! I loved this building too. Denver looks like a city I would like to explore more, though the gold actually looked familiar, it reminded me a little of Jerusalem….

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