Iguazu, Brazil: The Colorful Diversity of the Birds Park

The birds park in Foz do Iguacu, Brazil, outside the Brazilian side of the Iguazu Falls, is a spectacle of colors.

From the smallest birds….

…. through the medium-sized birds….

…. to the large birds that walked and flew around me….

…. everywhere I looked, a different color appeared.

At times it was hidden, barely seen, yet it always appeared.

The colorful characteristic of the park was especially evident when I noticed a group of birds colored in the color of red, a color that always reminds me of a great passion for life.

Yet the dominating color of the park was, without a doubt, green. Trees were everywhere in what felt like a big park, and it seemed that if birds had to live in captivity, they are better off here than elsewhere, as many of them had a relatively large cage.

Nonetheless – as much as one might want to, as easy as it was to forget for a moment when one walked right beside the birds, who walked around and flew without receiving orders – it was hard to ignore the fact that these were indeed cages.

These birds, whose wings symbol the ability to reach for the stars and realize our dreams, were lacking the color of freedom.



  1. You’ve got some beautiful shots in the selection. I took a photography class last year and one of the things we had to do was to take 10 shots of birds and animals at the zoo but we couldn’t include anything in the photo that would give the zoo away. A fun but difficult exercise. Love your bird close-up.
    Leigh recently posted..11 National Parks in Canada You Probably Haven’t Heard OfMy Profile

    • Thanks, Leigh! Animals are fun photography subjects. Depending on the zoo, it sure can be a challenging assignment, though, of course, some zoos do make it easier than others.

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