I Want to ‘Go With Oh’ to Paris

Topping my urban desires is the city of lights. I want to see it from the moment the sun lights it up to the moment it gives way to artificial lights. I want to close no eye unless there is a promise of an authentic baguette to welcome me to a Parisian morning.

I traveled to the Paris of South America (Buenos Aires).

lived in the Paris of the Middle East (Tel-Aviv).

Now I want to experience the real thing, the original. I dream of breathing it in, French accent all around me, getting lost, constantly, in the streets, nothing to stop me but a camera and a pen to ensure that this is real.

And so, I am taking part in Go With Oh’s Blogger Competition, which I discovered today through Suzy Guese’s travel blog. At the end of this competition, one joyful blogger will find her or himself in Go With Oh‘s holiday rental apartments. One month, four European destinations, she or he will get to live not as a tourist, but better, as a local, documenting their experiences. You can bring a friend and your own accent. The competition rules are easy: choose one of Go With Oh’s enchanting destinations and write a blog post exploring 5 reasons you want to go there.

Only 5!?

Yes. Then tweet it. And hurry up – the competition closes tomorrow, European time (GMT)!


I Want to Feel the Colors

Fall Foliage in Boston

I want to walk up and down streets with leaves of autumn falling around me, coloring my space. I named my blog All Colores because I believe diversity – in language, in culture, in colors – enriches our lives and makes this world more fun. It is about the abundance of the everyday, of experiencing a place for the first time, of making metaphorical lemonades filled with gratitude when the page of current life doesn’t feel to be your own.

I daydream of French accents and complex spelling that turns into human words. I fantasize of watching the colors spread around the city – in clothes, in decor and in food. I crave to wake early and witness the sun flourishing at sunrise, above the Seine river, changing colors again at dusk, giving away for stars of colorful lights, covering the tower of Eiffel.


I Want to Taste the City

Happy Food in San Diego

I dream of a fresh baguette each morning, mingling with cheese. I want to picnic everywhere and watch the people of everyday Paris. I want to sip juice before I try a variety of croissants. I want French toast, French crepe, French Paris in my mouth.

I long to blow some of my budget and indulge in restaurants whose creations I only saw in photographs. I want to taste every chocolate bar available in the city, in every color and every taste, whether it is shaped as a flower, as a tower or has no pretense.


I Want to Explore the Arts

The Dinner Party by Judy Chicago and many other artists at the Brooklyn Museum in NYC. Click on the photo to read more about it.

My excitement soars as I imagine the learning playground that awaits. A day at the Louvre, a day at Musée d’Orsay, and the list has only begun. I want to see the architecture of the city, I smile at the thought of street decor. I am curious to find the countless statuses spread around Paris for the sun to explore.

I’m filled with joy imagining the arts I read about, the arts not covered in most books, those of the simple people, of the extraordinary people that almost hid from view. I look forward to seeing the painters that dare to create in outer space, the live statuses bring laughter to fellow human beings, the musicians and dancers that I swear I’ll dance with.

And almost most of all, as a child at the brink of a holiday, I want to discover if it is true, if there are indeed people who blow gigantic soap bubbles to the air, and how big a smile that can create, how big an embrace.


I Want to Run Through the Gardens, Forests and Parks

Bariloche, Argentina. Will I be able to catch a winter-filled Paris playing with snow?

Luxemberg, Tuileries, Champ de Mars, Parc de la Villette, Bois de Boulogne – you name the name, I long to run through them, to lie down on the grass, to walk around slowly and photograph every single corner, every single flower, every single tree, every hiding animal, every laughter, sense of freedom, until the light ceases to be.


I Want to Honor Herstory

Tel-Aviv University, Israel

Simone de Beauvoir was one of the founding feminists, one of the first to speak of women’s rights in the twentieth century, including their rights to determine what shall happen with their bodies. Luce Irigaray and Helene Cixous asked to create a female language, one that contains no oppression and no binary thinking, one that celebrates women, womanhood and women’s bodies.

Whether you agree with their theories and quests or not, they all made valuable contributions to the feminist movements, helping to add her voice to his voice, her story to history, taking important steps toward creating ourstory.

And they’ve all lived in Paris.

As a soon-to-be-graduate of a bachelor’s degree in gender studies, I want to walk the streets they did, sit in the cafes that inspired their texts that I read as a student, perhaps share that journey with a friend, share laughter, re-count herstory and brainstorm our own ideas.

This is a city I would love to meet locals even more than usual. I want to hear what’s it like, what it was like, being a student of women who made history, and maybe, just maybe, to get to experience it for myself.


The winner of Go With Oh’s Blogger Competition will get to choose a month of travel starting September. This is when I graduate from an incredible, fascinating, enchanting trip to knowledge-land, one I never knew I could experience. It is the turning point I await to change some big aspects of my life before I proceed to further trips up knowledge-land. I want more lightheartedness, more travel, less craziness-filled schedules. Graduation and changing my life are points of life I dreamed of and didn’t know could be within my reach, just like Paris. It is a dream graduation gift for myself to experience Paris, and I look forward and I dream.


If you dream, check not only this Blogger Competition, but Go With Oh’s Facebook Competition as well. Answer their question and you might win an iPad 2, a 500 Euro worth of luggage or accommodation or a $500 camera.


What city is at the top of your urban desires?



  1. Ayelet, this is so beautifully written. It tugs at my heart strings! You make Paris sound so enchanting and desirable, even though I’ve never been interested in it. Oh, I hope you win this contest. You deserve it.
    Sabina recently posted..A Don’t Miss in Luxor – Karnak TempleMy Profile

    • Awe thanks for your warm words 🙂 How fun that it made you want to go to Paris!


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