I love you, Body (swimming & sunset in Puerto Iguazu)

I almost didn’t come here, and friends convinced me to come (thanks, friends!). I was worried about the heat and the mosquitos, yet I couldn’t find even one bad review of these waterfalls – so I decided to come. But not just for the falls. I decided I would pamper my body as it is worth to be pampered.

I am no longer in a room by myself, yet I am having fun connecting. Tomorrow I will start discovering this world wonder called the Iguazu Falls. So far, it has been heavenly.

Leaving you with a few photos (that might appear upside down or to the side) – plus a new header photo: sunrise above Argentina (from the plane!) – and wishing you the happiest of day-slash-night. May you dare to realize your dreams – you are worth it.


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