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“Ayelet hit on and addressed a real nerve in this piece, and her ideas are great.  I’ve not read anything like this online before, and I really love the angle.”

                                                      – Georgina Laidlaw, Content Manager, ProBlogger


Does your business need compelling content to engage customers and drive up sales?

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“Ayelet has an ability to delve into the meat of a topic, offering details and important insights delivered by way of clear, solid writing. She knows what she’s talking about, and her articles not only inform and entertain but offer unique perspectives which can only be seen by the eye of someone with true intelligence and creativity”.

                                         – Sabina Lohr, Solo Female Traveler and Traveling the Middle East


As a former writing mentor, I spent the past 10 years perfecting my writing craft. My articles have appeared on a variety of online publications, including ProBlogger, the number one site for professional bloggers.

I am driven by the fascination of discovery, of growth, of possibilities. I am deadline-oriented – your schedule is valuable. I work efficiently, with enthusiasm and I’m an excellent researcher.


I specialize in:


Business and self actualization

Women’s issues and empowerment


“I got to Ayelet by a friend’s warm recommendation when I needed to translate my thesis paper, and was not disappointed. I didn’t have a lot of time left until my deadline, and Ayelet was nice, fast and efficient. Her work was tailored to my own specific needs, while keeping close contact during the process and giving me extremely helpful notes.  And the translation was excellent!”

                                                                                       – Lital Pascar, MA student


My services include:

Video scripts

Blog posts




And more…


What others are saying:

“Ayelet knows how to take a topic that may be considered uninteresting and makes it fascinating. She actually had me craving a season of winter with her piece ‘Why I love winter’ on my travel blog. No mention of the word ski was given (except in an attention grabbing headline).”

                                                           – Caz Makepeace, yTravel Blog and Mojito Mother


“Ayelet is one of those writers who shows her passion about storytelling and travel in every piece she writes. Her narrative shows, rather than tell, the ideas and settings she wants to portray to her readers; giving us a more tangible experience as we read along. From Israel, to New Zealand, to Argentina; I’ve come to enjoy many of Ayelet’s articles and even learned from them for my future travels”.

                                                                                     – Norbert Figueroa, GloboTreks


“And now here I was, stuck on a platform I didn’t want to be on, and not interested in paying over $100 for someone to fix it for me…. Lucky for me, I stumbled upon Ayelet’s tutorial on ProBlogger. Be sure to also read Part 2.”

                                                                                            – Christine Campo


“Ayelet learned about my charity organization and she suggested to write something small for me, not knowing she was about to do a total change to the content on my organization, and a new super appearance of the organization’s website. With a few details from me, I was impressed by the way she phrased up everything as if she was on ground where everything was happening for her to have first hand information.  Taking her time to get into point by point and explain exactly the way everything is. She has total dedication and commitment to what she does until it’s totally finished. She is simply the best.”

                                                                     – Semujju Tim, CEO, MCSF Projects


Contact me at ayelet@allcolores.com to learn more about how I can help your business or publication.


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