Hi from Israel!

I didn’t even want to get on the plane to New York because it signified the end. When the plane from New York back to Israel was delayed by approximately 30 minutes, I hoped I could stay in the States. I have had a rich, fulfilling experience for 9 weeks – and I wanted more.

I arrived in Israel mid-day on Fri. Got a great parental welcome, and had to be the one calling some people, as people were positive I would need time to recupperate. Physically. And they were not convinced by my conviction that it would not be the case. Just wait, they warned. Guess what? No jet lag whatsoever. Zip. Haven’t had it even one time during the trip, and was kinda half expecting it back here, knowing that flying east is supposed to be more challenging on the body – and nothing. I guess my body got used to flights. I guess it helped that all my flights got me to a new time zone in the morning or midday, where I spent a great time until nighttime – and then went to sleep. Those of you noticing the time I’m posting (around 5:00 AM) will likely raise your eyebrows, yet be aware that it is due to my poor sleep lately. In Arizona, I re-started a bodily disempowering tradition of going to sleep too late and waking up too early, and I continued it this Saturday, which got me tired yesterday (Sunday), and therefore I fell asleep early. The sleep issue was meant to allow me to see as much as possible, and it is now time to return to sleeping better. Had I continued on the trip, I would have definitely taking a day or so to rest before continuing.

Nonetheless, I physically ached Saturday evening, realizing I cannot find some of the most important photos of the trip, the ones from hiking on the Argentine glacier, Perito Moreno. Still haven’t finished my search, yet I am in fear of the memory card falling to the ground at some point, or having been damaged in a weird computer in Ushuaia. I then ached again, realizing the trip has ended and what people can call “real life” is re-beginning. I had nine beautiful weeks of pure indulgement, of stretching boundaries, of amazement, of connection, and I was not yet ready to call it an end.

It didn’t change the big smile that spread on my face when I entered campus, when I met new people from my program there – or when I saw friends and got the biggest hugs possible. It didn’t change my fascination with my new classes, my joy for my choices, my determination to make this year rock and the big hug I feel I am still receiving from the globe.

I am taking my return step by step. Discovering what’s ahead of me for this new academic year. Picking at photographs. Reading the first article of the year. I have so many stories I want to share with you, and so many photos I want to post. Slowly, I trust that I will. Step by step.

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