Hi from Disneyland!

Wanted to check in since I am way behind on updates. I organized two photo posts, yet they were erased, so I’ll re-do them soon. I also hope to write more word posts soon. I’m in the whirlwind of the last few days of the trip (sad face comes here), still in Disneyland tonight and off to Los Angeles tomorrow morning.

I still think that Argentina’s El Calafate is the happiest place on earth, yet Disneyland and California Adventure are highly recommended as well! I promise to tell you why they’re so amazing. Los Angeles is the final jewel (except for a few more hours in New York), and for a good reason. For years, it has been the symbol of the unreachable, the impossible in my life. Tomorrow I touch it.

(AND I am so very looking forward to 2 upcoming encounters AND I know that I am completely behind on e-mails. I’m sorry about that! You’re in my thoughts every day!

AND wishing the sweetest, most fascinating year to all of you starting a new university year as I type this. Sending the biggest hugs!)


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