Happy Earth Day: 12 Reasons to Love Our Earth

A day of celebration unfolds throughout the globe today. A day of action, reaction and thought. A day of coming together for the sake of the resources we so metaphorically devour in travel, in photographs, in everyday life.

Who hasn’t sat on top of a mountain or at the edge of an ocean and wished they could stay there forever? Who hasn’t traveled distances to watch an animal in nature, a natural wonder or promised themselves some day they, too, will reach that dream? Who doesn’t want this universe to preserve its beauty, its resources, its health – and ours?

Today is the day to give Earh some lovin’ care. Here are just ten of the reasons why….

1. Chubby mountains for the reminder that skinny is not the only ideal:

Northern Israel


2. Oceans that draw giggles as we run through their waves:

Cape Regina, North Island, New Zealand. The Tasman Sea meets the Pacific Ocean. Usually, to see this white color from the waves, you would need to be by a beach, yet here, the two seas go in opposite directions, and therefore the natural wonder.


3. Clouds that stimulate the imagination:

Central Israel. What do you think the cloud is doing?


4. Rain that is the tears that come when we burst out in laughter:

Rain on a window, Israel


5. Volcanoes and geysers, for the reminder not to hold our passions down, but rather let them burst and fill our lives:

Rotorua, North Island, New Zealand


6. Glaciers that teach us the wonders of flexibility: they turn from rain to snow to ice, and when they melt – though it would have been better for Earth if they didn’t melt – they catch us by surprise with spontaneous depth of the color blue. Check out my 7 Super Shots to see this deep blue.

Perito Moreno Glacier, El Calafate, Argentina


7. Rainbows that rejoice in the fact that life is not either-or, and that black and white need not lead opposite, unequal lives:

Rainbow over the Patagonian desert. Taken on the bus in Argentina, on the way from Bariloche to San Martin de Los Andes.


8. Animals that spell connection:

Sea Elephant Dad and Sea Elephant Baby pose for a picture. On the right, Sea Elephant Mom decides to join the frame. Peninsula Valdez, Argentina


9. Snow, for the sake of playfulness:

First time snow ever fell over me. Bariloche, Argentina


10. Waterfalls for the hope of challenges building up to opportunities of beauty:

Iguazu Falls, Brazil


11. Sun for the embrace of comfort:

Sunset over Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado, USA


12. Humans, for the sharing of Earth with one another, touched by a smile:

Me with a super friend, Maytal


Today is Earth Day, a 42-year-old invented birthday meant to give our Earth as many presents as possible. Who does love presents?

Earth Day Network asks to reach a BILLION Acts of Green around the planet. Logging in to their website, you can pledge to take ten actions, a hundred actions or even one action for the sake of Earth. Choose from a variety of categories: green schools and education; advocacy; energy; transportation; sustainable development; conservation and biodiversity; recycling and waste reduction; water. Every single action counts.

So far 999,892,656 pledges have been made to Earth. Some of the pledges people have made so far:

=> I will try to remember to turn off the tap more often when cleaning teeth, rinsing dishes and more.

=> Eat more local food.

=> Use re-usable shopping bags rather than plastic bags.

=> Recycle all the waste we collect.

=> Organize an Earth Day event.

=> Plant a garden at school or home.

=> Clean a beach.


I joined my country, Israel, and turned the light off for an hour today. Here are my 4 additional pledges to Earth:

=> Continue to use public transportation. Walk when I can, to avoid using even that.

=> Keep recycling, and learn more about it to decrease my footprint even more.

=> Waste less water.

=> Plant trees again, hopefully this time in person.


What do you love about Earth? What’s one thing you would do for it?



  1. Some really beautiful pictures there. I particularly like the volcano shot, although I’ll admit to being a little less enthusiastic about the snow and rain than you are.
    Steve recently posted..Planet Lazer Kelowna – Hunger Games LiteMy Profile


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