Denver, Colorado: Welcome to the Wild, Spacious West

As I left the interesting airport of Denver, Colorado – where I got to interact with pilots but uncharacteristically forgot to take a photo with them – I started a brand new chapter of my American discoveries.

New York, NY was exciting.

Argentina was awe-inspiring.

Boston, MA was surprisingly enchanting.

Atlanta, GA was missed, for I saw only its airport…. twice.

Western United States fascinated me and I anticipated starting to explore it so much that I scheduled an 8 AM flight from Boston, which meant waking up before the sun. I love time zone differences because it makes me laugh to say good evening to someone who just started their morning. I also love time zone differences because they gave me extra time in Denver. A flight of more than four hours boarded around 8 AM Eastern coast time and landed around 11 AM Western coast (Pacific) time.

Landing before noon, I met two of my amazing relatives at the airport. My relatives throughout the southwest, welcoming me with arms more than open, were the real reason I cut my stay in northeast US to the discover the natural wonders of the southwest. I never regretted it. Not only did I get the opportunity to see some jaw-dropping beauty, but I got the unbelievable opportunity to spend time with ten extremely wonderful, generous, inspiring people. I still can’t pick my jaw off the floor.

As I left the airport with two of them, the spaciousness of Western US started revealing itself to me. Grand fields on each side of the highway, behind them mountains and some snow-capped peaks. It was different than the landscape that was my daily view in southern Argentina for the previous few weeks, and I missed that view yet was nonetheless very excited. This was the beginning of a brand new kind of adventure.


Have you ever been to Denver? What did you love most about it?



  1. I’ve been to Denver, as my brother and nieces live in Colorado Springs, but of course never thought of it as you do. It’s beautiful, but I’m not a desert person so I’m afraid I don’t appreciate it. I lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico for 6 years, and that too is wide open space with mountains. You would probably love it. And by the way, some of these photos actually look like Israel to me 🙂

    • Haha, I didn’t think about the resemblance to Israel! I didn’t think I was a desert person either (no glaciers, for example), then discovered some deserts are gorgeous and worth a visit. These photos are from the way to a special place (check out the new post on Tues). And then everything in northern Colorado just kept getting more and more beautiful 🙂 I heart that state! And I was in Albuquerque for a few hours, it was one of the “pass Ayelet from relative to relative” stations on my trip 🙂 I missed the balloon festival by so little, therefore my consolation prize was the hot air balloon museum…. which played a video of the balloon festival. Yep, gotta return 🙂

      • Oh, too bad you just missed the balloon festival! That is WELL worth seeing. It was one of the few pluses of living in Albuquerque, haha. Seriously, if you ever get a chance to be in ABQ for that festival, please go for it. You will love every second – except for the traffic 🙂

        • I found out about it after I booked my non-refundable flight, so changing it would literally cost like an extra airplane ticket. Perhaps I needed to look for a hot air balloon to take me there on time instead. Hopefully next time I can combine it more successfully! Think happy thoughts 🙂

    • The vast space of the west is really impressive. It’s fun to be there, and I think you also need to sitting in a car for so long 🙂 But it’s so worth it!

    • Oh, now I’m really sorry I didn’t write a post about the Denver airport! Maybe another time. I do think I have some sort of photo of that horse.

      And LOL, thanks for the link, looking forward to reading it tomorrow. Maybe they’re making up for the Satan connection these days, because people there were really nice when I visited!

  2. I haven’t been to Denver but I have driven through Colorado and absolutely loved it. 🙂 My middle brother and sis-in-law just moved to Colorado, so hopefully next time in the States I will get to see more of that gorgeous state. 🙂
    Krista recently posted..A Summer Morning in ItalyMy Profile

    • I hope you do! The little I saw was spectacularly beautiful 🙂 Definitely a state I would love to re-visit.

  3. I’ve spent some time in Denver, but I arrived after dark and left before sunup a couple of days later, so the only real images I have in my head are of downtown Denver. Your pictures don’t match up with my memories of Denver at all, and I would have never guessed that was where you were.
    Glad you enjoyed it though. It does look quite pretty.
    Steve recently posted..How NOT to Fly Families TogetherMy Profile

    • This is in the outskirts of Denver and we were actually heading to the direction of Keenesburg to see rescued wildlife. I’ll be featuring beautiful downtown Denver next week. I don’t think Colorado knows what ugly means 🙂


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