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The launch of Cinema City in 2002 was a big step up in the Israeli movie-watching experience. Located in Glilot, between Hertzeliya and Tel-Aviv, it contained 21 movie theaters. It has since expanded to 30 movie theaters in one location.

Take that and compare it to the experience offered before to the average movie-goer: a selection of perhaps 5 movie theaters in a marginal spot of a mall. It was almost like just another store.

Cinema City offers many movie options at any given moment, and it operates for longer hours each day. It has regular movie theaters, VIP rooms that include food – and a hall that enables movie goers to experience extra effects, such as the movement of chairs (4D anyone?).

Cinema City made the movies the center of attention, yet retained the mall experience. Restaurants, shops and even a supermarket await you there.

Yet the most fun experience that you can find at Cinema City – besides the actual movie-watching experience – is the silly photo-taking opportunities with the cute characters placed outside the movie theaters.

In 2010, another Cinema City complex was launched. This time, in Rishon LeTzion, which is also close to Tel-Aviv. The one in Rishon LeTzion is bigger, and offers the opportunity to take photos with dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures under the sun – on top of the fun offered in the original complex.


With which character would you most like to pose?



  1. The new, fancy theaters are fantastic, and almost enough to justify the ridiculous amounts that they charge to watch movies these days. Definitely one of my favorite outings, but what the heck is Elvis doing in that picture?
    Steve recently posted..Capturing KournikovaMy Profile

    • He’s holding my friend’s purse while pretending to play the guitar 🙂 Don’t you think the purse fits him?

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