Carmel National Park, Israel: What You See from the Top

Climbing my first mini mountain – at the Carmel mountain range – was fun! The beginning of the climb challenged me, and then it got easier and I was left wanting more.

One of my favorite parts was the view we saw when we reached the top. Northern Israel was before us, and I took more or less a million pictures.

Yet it wasn’t like this at first.


The Fire of December 2010 Rears its Head

The initial sight reminded me of the big fire that ate away at the forests of the Carmel mountain range in December 2010. It hit me that some of the dramatic-looking trees we saw were not only bare because of fall.

I knew of the fire coming into the Carmel National Park and climbing one of its mountains, of course, yet when I saw the trees, I thought how unique the fall look is. Some green very little bit of fall colors, combined with the joy of being out in nature, made me forget about the fire altogether for a moment.

The park had recuperated, yet it is very likely that some of what we saw was proof that more healing was needed.


The View from the Top

The moment I saw the view, I wanted to stand still and stare (and take a million pictures) – as well as to run for a better look – both at the same time. One of my friends saw the Mediterranean and started walking faster.

I moved up closer to the edge and took more photos.



Time to Zoom in

After capturing the landscape from every possible angle, I started zooming in. Here are some of the zoomed-in photos I took.







Stay tuned to next week for my proof of having visiting the prehistoric Finger Cave!


Have you ever been to Carmel National Park?



  1. I have never been in Israel but from your photos it looks very very beautiful.

    • Thanks, Freya! I think it’s a beautiful country too 🙂

  2. Ah, okay, now I see that this was indeed the mountain that burned in a fire a couple of years ago. You can disregard my comment on your previous post 🙂 Nevertheless, I love your photos of your views! I love, love, LOVE the way northern Israel looks. I can’t get enough!
    Sabina recently posted..A Very Sweet Middle Eastern Holiday – Eid al AdhaMy Profile

    • I love it too – it’s my favorite part of the country. Can’t wait to go back there – next time, hopefully to see snow!


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