Carmel National Park, Israel: The Hidden Treasures of the Trail

Let’s face it. Northern Israel is beautiful, very beautiful, yet not many think, “Hmm! I’d like to experience nature at its greatness – I’ll travel to israel!”. Certainly not at the twilight of summer, which is when I found myself in Carmel National Park. No, for nature at its greatest you travel to Africa, you travel to southern Argentina, you travel to northern Canada and Antarctica and Lapland and climb Mount Everest.

Yet you can’t climb Mount Everest every day. Some of us will never climb it or will never make it to Antarctica. Some people don’t even know Yellowstone National Park in the US exists, and when they think of Churchill, they don’t imagine what it would be like to see polar bears in natures.

And that’s OK.

Because for most people, life isn’t (only) about those big, once-in-a-lifetime moments. For most people, it is the everyday that matters, or the everyday that could have made the big  difference in our happiness level if we just stopped racing and started paying attention.


The Hidden Treasures of the Trail

During my time with friends at Carmel National Park in northern Israel last month, I found countless treasures. They were hidden in the sidelines, obscured by mountains and trees, by great views of the area, by the likes of a prehistoric cave and a British guarding post. They were left as – perhaps created for – explorers who took that extra moment to rejoice.


A Dash of Fall Colors



Birds viewed from the birds on the way back home




In the Distance

There's a high possibility there's a boat on the right. I took this photo from the top of the mini mountain we climbed.



The Bizarre Surprises of the Trail

A 9th grade class party in the picnic tables’ area near the parking lot:


A shoe left behind on the trail:


On our way out, we saw a partially eaten food in a plastic plate, with plastic knife and fork, at the park’s information station – that was closed when we arrived and closed when we left:


Do you take those extra moment of explorations when you travel?



  1. These are some seriously beautiful photos, Ayelet!

    And haha! Your abandoned shoe photo reminds me of a funny incident when I went on a short hike in the Swiss forest area near the Sea of Galilee (do you know the area I’m talking about?) I was with my fried Yariv, and while walking we spotted a pair of hiking shoes on the trail. They were just sitting there upright, as if someone had just walked out of them. I said hey, those are good shoes and started to walk over to them. Yariv said watch out! It could be a bomb! and ran off. Turned out he was just joking around. I told another Israeli (well, she’s originally from Germany but has lived in Israel for a couple of decades) friend of mine about this and she said what Yariv did was kind of an Israeli joke – seeing something abandoned and then saying it could be a bomb. It was funny – and interesting insight into Israeli humor 🙂
    Sabina recently posted..A Very Sweet Middle Eastern Holiday – Eid al AdhaMy Profile

    • I do think I know what area you’re referring to – and LOL, you should see an ironic Facebook page that someone started this weekend because of the current war (and yes, in my opinion it’s a war even though it’s called an “operation”)… Unfortunately, it’s only in Hebrew… It’s a surreal reality living here, even more so for those closer to the border. May there be peace already!

  2. I’ve been hearing a lot about Israel recently and it’s really making me want to go – nice to know there’s more to the country than just the party scene and beautiful men of Tel Aviv! I’ll have to drop by and see it for myself one day.
    Tom @ Waegook Tom recently posted..Finding Peace in BuyeoMy Profile

    • There’s pretty much a bit of everything in Israel – hope you get to come here one day and explore it all 🙂


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