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After a few weeks worth of Buenos Aires posts, I thought I’d bring you a few great Buenos Aires tales from around the Web.

Caminito, La Boca Neighborhood

1) How to Live Like a Porteno by The Travel Chica

From the right form of greeting, through the right foods and times to eat, to when to go to sleep…. Stephanie gives you guidelines to how to live like a Buenos Aires local.


2) Finding Authentic Tango in Buenos Aires by Two Oregonians

Before listing places and prices of tango shows for a range of budgets, Bethany and Ted tell the story of avoiding tourist traps and growing enchanted by authentic tango.


3) The Cutest Ghetto in Latin America by Bacon is Magic

Ayngelina answers the question “Why Caminito in La Boca neighborhood is a tourist trap you must see?”


4) Papillon Photos: Plaza Dorrego, Buenos Aires by Tanama Tales

Ruth goes antique shopping at Plaza Dorrego and finds spontaneous tango dancers in the middle of the street.


5) We Could Be Doing This in Seattle by No Vacation Required

Kent and Caanan realize dreams in Buenos Aires…. though they hardly see the city at all.


Tango show in Buenos Aires


If you missed the Buenos Aires posts right here, on All Colores, here is a quick way to catch up – just click on the links bellow:


I’m in Argentina – and They Speak Spanish Here!

Another Teaser: A Few Photos from Buenos Aires

Welcome to Argentina

132 Photos: Welcome to Argentina and the Palermo Zoo

Palermo Zoo

Buenos Aires: City Central, La Boca and Tango

65 Buenos Aires Photos: City Center

Buenos Aires Photos: La Boca – Stadium and Neighborhood

Buenos Aires: Tango Time

A Few More Hours in Buenos Aires: Farewell, My Argentina

Buenos Aires Photos: The Pink House (Plus: Discover Why Pink is Really a Boys’ Color

The Pink House

Gallery of Influential Women at the Pink House

Eva Peron’s Balcony at the Pink House

The Opera House that Became a Book Store


Buenos Aires: view from the plane


What do you love most about Buenos Aires?


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