Body Matters

As I am in a hurry to get out the door, I think about my body. That hasn’t always been the case, yet today we are a team, to the best of our abilities. And here’s a secret not everyone knows: One cannot get along without one’s body. Simply can’t.

So, when planning my trip, I think about my body. Amongst other things,

I buy warm clothes for the Winter Wonderland I will experience for the first time in Argentina.

I take walks to get my body used to something other than studying, working and planning trips.

I choose to go on the trip with a suitcase and not a “mochilla”, meaning a large backpack, as my back has suffered enough.

I’m taking my friend up on her offer to give me a food-creating workshop next month.

I take self defense classes and invest in them – IT’S EMPOWERING!!

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