The Argentine Wet Treatment: Going Under the Iguazu Falls

Walking down the stairs to the boat, there was no way to anticipate what awaited. The calm water, surrounded by trees, reflected the sun rays below the boats.

Orange vests waited by the stairs as I walked down.

I took my seat, wearing life-preserving items and hoping I won’t fall down or feel nausea during this ride. After all, the boat I just boarded was headed to the famous Iguazu Falls. It meant to dare and touch them, to dare and go under them. These falls have power, and there’s only so much “under them” I would want to be.

Passengers were given water-proof bags to store their belongings and protect them from splashes. When we neared the falls, the captain warned everyone to put the cameras aside. A photographer was on the boat to capture the experience, to offer the taped evidence on sale once it is left as nothing but an amazing memory.

Pre-prepared for a winter wonderland, I had a water-proof camera that was about to go through its first big test.

We got closer to the falls, and they showered us with water.

The camera did a great job and survived the journey, and all my other fears subsided as well. Nothing existed but the thrill of connecting with this powerful form of nature.

See the boats getting close to the falls?

We moved in out of one fall, only to approach another one and another one. At a certain point, it was hard to see anything at all. Large and multiplying drops of water flew everywhere. My glasses had too much water on them to do their job, yet there was no dry fabric in sight to wipe them and see clearer.

Fortunately, the falls sparkled between the drops. Mostly, though, it was time to surrender, to let the camera do its thing and to focus on the present moment, on the huge amounts of water nature was sharing with me, with us, and to rejoice.

It was an incredible experience!


Have you ever taken a boat to the bottom of powerful falls?



  1. Those falls look magnificent. It’s great that you got to take a ride under them. The next time you go to the U.S. you might want to try to make it to Niagara Falls in New York. Seeing them was the first time my breath was ever taken away. And you can take a ride underneath them too 🙂

    • Niagara Falls were on one of my first drafts for my US trips, and if I make it there, I’ll probably take a boat trip under them. The one at Iguazu was so much fun! I’d also love to see them frozen in winter.

  2. Despite the fact I lived in Niagara-on-the-Lake for a few years I never did take the Maid of the Mist – the boat that gets very close to Niagara Falls. But I did survive walking through a 100 foot fall last summer – a scary but ultimately exhilarating experience.
    Leigh recently posted..Places to Visit in Canada: The Saguenay-Lac Saint Jean Area, QCMy Profile

    • That does sound exhilarating. How did you walk through the fall?


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