Birds Park, Iguazu, Brazil: Colorful Flora

Not surprisingly, the birds were the stars of the birds part. They were the highlight of my visit. That said, I couldn’t ignore the colors that seemed to keep popping up around me as I looked at the flora.


There was red….


There was white….


There were pink and purple….


And there was a big party of colors mingling with one another, celebrating diversity:


How do you celebrate the great diversity of the world?



  1. A girl after my own heart, I love looking (and taking photos) of all the strange and exotic plants you see when you’re travelling. I do so often that I bore my boyfriend with it, but I dont care :), but its interesting thought isn’t it?!

    • Glad you understand me! It does slow down the walking, and I, too, know people who don’t enjoy it, yet for me it was a lot of fun to go through this park slowly and pay attention to the details that make it what it is.

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