Birds Park, Iguazu, Brazil: A Few Thoughts About Parrots

Visiting the Birds Park outside the Brazilian side of the Iguazu Falls was quite the treat. I got to go up close and personal with tiny and giant bird, most of which seemed exotic to me. The park enables visitors to be within touching distance of many of its wildlife, so if you’re coming with a camera, you might be there for a while.

One wildlife you are bound not to miss is the parrots.


Parrots are adorable!


Parrots like to eat.

It seems to be their favorite activity, as they were eating much of my time there – and I spent a few hours at the park.


Parrots are thinkers and ponderers.

Or at least pose as thinkers and ponderers.


They look out to freedom.

While being so close to so many exotic birds was exciting, and I’ll be writing more about it this month, the existence of cages is a sad reality. I would much rather see them in the wild.


Have you ever been to the birds park outside the Brazilian Iguazu Falls? How was your experience?



    • Me too! I stayed in the park way longer than the guy at the hostel’s desk thought I would. Hope I get to see these birds in the wild one day 🙂

  1. I really like parrots too. You would love where I first stayed in Australia. It was about an hour north of Sydney, and there were parrots flying all around. I would take walks and see them hanging out in the trees. All of the birds in that area were exotic, screeching and squawking instead of singing and chirping like they do here. Very interesting.
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    • Sounds interesting – and I would love to see them in the wild. With all the great things I’ve been learning about Oz, I might just have to visit it one day. Of course, a big extra plus is its neighbor, gorgeous New Zealand.


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