Art on Electricity Cabinets in Netanya, Israel

In Tucson, Arizona, I was fascinated by the street art, mostly because it existed. This city, which kept on surprising me, had small drawings, images, colors spread across its streets and highways. It wasn’t until I returned to Israel that I realized the full impact of travel: Bits of paint were spread around my hometown, Netanya, as well, encouraging of the daily, fatigued eye to pay attention, celebrating the sports and beaches this town is known for. As my eyes awoke, they discovered that, in Netanya, the paint celebrates life on cabinets that are responsible for light when the sun sets: electricity cabinets.



Sometimes sports are more fun if you leave your shoes behind on the cabinet, I guess….


For some reason, there seems to be plenty of cabinets featuring my favorite kind of weather – a snowy weather!


While these cabinets do feature physical activity, this activity has nothing to do with the almost-always warm, even humid in summers, Netanya.


It was fun seeing snow in Netanya, even if only on electricity cabinets. It was sad, however, to be unable to find clear images of women and women’s faces. They do exist, I saw one or two I wasn’t able to photograph, yet the gender representation is apparently not equal in the neighborhoods I visited. Hopefully, I’ll get to visit other neighborhoods at a different time and see if I can find something different.


If, for some reason, you do not believe these are true electricity cabinets – I brought proof: an open cabinet from left, center and right!

Click on the photos to see them in full size:



What’s the most surprising art your hometown has to offer?



  1. You know, you really opened my eyes to this art on electricity cabinets, Ayelet. Now everywhere I go in Tiberias, I see them! I keep meaning to take my camera with me so I can take photos. Tomorrow I am definitely going to do it 🙂
    Sabina recently posted..8 Things You Need to Know Before Traveling to IsraelMy Profile

    • This is exciting to read, thanks for sharing this! And I had no idea they had that in Tiberias too. I thought it was a Netanya kind of thing. I love how it adds color to the city. Can’t wait to see your photos 🙂


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