An Unlikely Winner

Over the past few weeks, there has been a fierce battle between San Diego, California and Tucson, Arizona over the majority of one day in late October. It’s one of those challenges that require that good ole saying “may those be our troubles”.

San Diego was preferrable because of the many praises that are available for it across the Web. Perhaps I didn’t look closely enough, yet San Diego seems to be a way much popular touristic spot than Tucson. Not that I care about such popularity, yet it’s beautiful, it’s got seals on the beach, it has a zoo and a safari, one of which I’ll be paying for anyway through a Southern California Pass…. and if I chose Tuscon, I would not have time for it. For San Diego, I have one full day planned, dedicated to Sea World, and the following day starts my journey up north, through Dana Point and Anaheim, to Los Angeles, with a very great relative called R.

I’ll be visiting more family in Tucson, and will have a full day there. Then, on the commute day to San Diego, I had to choose a flight – morning, noon or evening. Initially, I thought about taking a bus or a train, yet the price of a flight is almost the same and it takes a little over an hour – instead of 12 hours by land. Flights are usually cheaper when booked in advance, as I learned when I hesitated about Boston and lost $70 in the process. It was time to book.

Tucson won the contest.

Yes, it’s VERY hot there (so I read).

Yes, it doesn’t have seals on a beach.

Yes, that Joshua tree might not win  a beauty contest (or will it?)

Yet I hear air conditioners have reached Tuscon (although it’s recommended not to listen to rumors).

And I hear there are caves, where it’s not as hot.

And there’s Native American stuff.

And there’s a very nice family member who’s great at bird-watching.

And Google says there are amazing sunsets.

And I hear there are air conditioners.

And mainly, I thought it’d be fun to have more time to get to know the Southern AZ family. Obviously, it’ll be fun to have time with the Southern California family as well – that’s why I have about a week there. In planning this trip I have found again the most generous people on the planet, inspiring, funny, welcoming people all throughout southwest US (and then some), who seem to be happy to open their lives and their days for me. The trip to the States has a different meaning now. It is no longer about the places, but rather, for a long time now, about these people – in New York, Massachusetts, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and California. Like Tucson, I am the unlikely winner. I have truly been blessed.

Therefore, my flight will leave for San Diego in the evening. It was booked a few days ago and it’s non-refundable 🙂



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