Across the Border from Buenos Aires: Uruguay Stories



Before embarking on my trip to Argentina, I read multiple times that “there’s nothing to do in Uruguay”. At the same time, I read that “there’s nothing to do in Ushuaia“. I ended up spending approximately a week in Ushuaia and questioned the assumption that “there’s nothing to do in Uruguay”. Having only so much time to travel through Argentina, I didn’t explore the Uruguay issue before my trip.

It caught up with me while I was on the road. First, a hostel worker in Bariloche told me how much fun she had in Uruguay and showed me beautiful photos. Then, in Puerto Madryn, I met two wonderful women from Uruguay, architects who shared tours and food and long conversations with me, and I knew that next time I make it to this part of Earth, I want to explore Uruguay.

Therefore, back home, I decided to read a little about this country. Here are my favorite travel blog posts:


1. Chile, Argentina and Uruguay: Day 11 by My Beautiful Adventures

Getting away from Argentine wedding plans, Andy and Lucas follow no map in sunlit, colorful Colonia.


2. Snapshot: Punta del Este, Uruguay by Struxtravel

Michael spends two days in Punta del Este, a resort peninsula. He checks out the “hand emerging from the sand” monument and nearby towns, and he eats the best meal of his South American trip.


3. Cabo Polonio, Uruguay Photo Essay by Go, See, Write

Michael (another Michael) disconnects from the World Wide Web in a beach town that has no electricity yet does have cows on the beach.


4. Wandering Around Old Colonia Town by Inspiring Travellers

Andrea and John spend two days in the mid-week quiet Colonia and learn about the history of the town.


5. Uruguay – Eco-Friendly Estancias by Equitrekking

Darley rides a horse through the vast open nature of Uruguay, 80 miles from the capital Montevideo and 49 miles from Punta del Este. She stays in a self-sustaining ranch, whose owners know the function of every single plant.


Have you been to Uruguay? What was your favorite experience there?



  1. Thanks for the shout out! Uruguay is a special place!!!

    • You’re welcome, I loved discovering it through your posts. It’s now on my to-experience list for next time I travel to Argentina.

    • Glad this lists helps you! And I agree, gotta dig deeper beyond the stereotypes, usually it pays off 🙂 Hope you have fun in both countries (I’m in love with Argentina!) – and let me know what you loved about Uruguay 🙂

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