A volcano, a hurricane and a seminar paper meet…. Stay tuned…

גרסה עברית מקוצרת: בעוד כ-35 שעות אני אמורה לעלות על מטוס. אמורה, כי בארצות הברית יש הוריקן, בארגנטינה התפרץ הר געש (ביוני, אבל עדיין משפיע), ובאמצע כל זה – עושה כמיטב יכולתי, ללא הצלחה יתרה, להתרכז בסיום עבודה סמינריונית.

Well! Aapproximately 35 hours for take off, and it doesn’t seem like there’ll be a take off. Hurricane Irene is busy eating the Big Apple (AKA New York City) and flights have been cancelled. Mine hasn’t been cancelled yet, and the way things look I will likely only know what’s going on tomorrow. I fear the flight will take place and I will find myself in a city with no electricity or food in the grocery, don’t even know what the condition of my hostel will be. And I fear missing my flight to Argentina, where I have another mess of flight changes (due to June’s volcanic erruption) that are not confirmed yet, which will entail a re-booking of 4 places.

Have been trying unsuccessfully to reach Delta Airlines and CheapTickets.com (where I bought the tickets) since yesterday. Now I am practicing letting go and doing my best, pretty unsuccessfully, to concentrate on my seminar paper. The clock is ticking, or at least I currently function as though it still is.

Will post again once I know what’s going on.



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