A Spring-Filled Photo Essay from Netanya, Israel

Once upon a time, I didn’t consider Netanya, my home town, beautiful. It was a city of regular day-to-day life, located right between the history of Haifa and the new culture of Tel-Aviv. It is a city of beach and summer, whereas I am a woman of snow games and rain joys.

Yet travel has taught me to see things differently. It taught me to see the little details that surround me, that make up a whole that can be viewed from many perspectives. Since I started traveling as an adult, I make sure to look around and find the beauty even in views I have seen countless times. Usually, I discover that these views can still surprise me. Even if they don’t surprise me, they still make me smile.

It is Passover in Israel these days, a holiday celebrating the departure of the Israeli people from slavery in Egypt toward a life of freedom in “the promised land”, Israel. Therefore, Passover is highly known as the Holiday of Freedom. In honor of this holiday and of the flourishing spring, I decided to take a break of several posts from my Buenos Aires tales in order to celebrate the flourishing freedom I practice creating in the life of the everyday.

Here are some  photos of spring from this beach town that will forever be a home.




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