A Colorado Colored in Fall and a Lake Named Lily

Until I make it to Alaska or to any state that has a Yellowstone in it, there will be no competition: Colorado is thus far my most beautiful states among all the states which are united up north in America.

I claim this with the caution of someone who has only seen portions of five states thus far – New York, Massachusetts, Colorado, Arizona and California. I already shared some of my adventures in these states with you through this blog, and many are still left to be shared. After my trip to the States, I started gaining a better understanding of how BIG this country really is. I doubt I will see every hidden corner of this fascinating, diverse land in my life (though who knows), and I loved all the states I visited. There wasn’t one state that didn’t get my jaw to drop. Therefore, I don’t feel entirely comfortable at saying one is more beautiful than the other.

They are all gorgeous, and I would return to each one in a heartbeat tomorrow if I wasn’t in the midst of writing my last few papers of my degree.

My declaration of Colorado as the most beautiful comes from its landscape resembling the landscape of my dreams. The big mountains, the lakes to picnic by, the bright color of the sun on trees basking in fall…. and the snow in winter. I love snow.

Looking at the photos of our drive to Rocky Mountain National Park (I swear we actually did make it there eventually) reminds me now of my first trip abroad, to New Zealand. It took me two days of flights to get there. During that time, I visited airports and saw views I had never seen before. From my plane, I saw clouds, mountains, even a sunset above Utah. Does that mean I can add Utah to my list as well?

Just as those two days of flights, I was thrilled by the journey through Colorado. On our way to Rocky Mountain National Park, we passed by mountains and enjoyed the peak of fall on trees. Colorado justified its name: it was colored, colorful.

Being such a lovely state, it pampered me with sights of snow.

Plus, I had incredible company: one relative that told me stories upon stories about this marvelous state, and one relative who made me laugh all the time.

These relatives and I soon parked near a lake named Lily. Located by the Peak to Peak Highway you see photographed in this post, it is an easy place to park by and admire more Colorado’s natural wonders.

By the lake, we saw an homage to Enos Mills, a naturalist who campaigned for the founding of Rocky Mountain National Park as a national park, so that its natural splendid be protected by the government. The homage, set in stone, was in the form of a Denver Post cover.

Being in Colorado, Lily Lake enjoys the perks of mountainous views, where people can sit to picnic, go on hikes or…. apparently, play in the water. We were wearing several layers of warm clothes, so I doubt the water was warm, but that didn’t seem to interrupt the guy at the far left side of the picture.


Would you stop by Lily Lake on your way to Rocky Mountain National Park?



  1. I agree – Colorado is a magnificent state. There is so much awesome nature there. Out of all the U.S. states you listed that you visited, I can easily understand your opinion that Colorado was the most beautiful.
    Sabina recently posted..Out of the Way in New York City – DUMBOMy Profile

    • And reliving my journey there through my photos and writing makes me want to go back even more 🙂

    • It really is. I missed Mesa Verde, yet saw Bandlier in New Mexico and loved it. I also very much loved the Great Sand Dunes and will likely be writing about this park soon 🙂

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