2 (similar) photos from heaven

CI arrived in Puerto Iguazu, Argentina, where everything is green – besides the flowers, the butterflies, the beautifully red hostel and the deep blue pool. Sitting in the hostel’s restaurant now, waiting for food as I’m hungry (will go to the supermarket, wherever it is, later), and the following photo is where I sit.

My suitcase got a little torn yesterday, and when I asked the girl at the desk where I can buy a new one, she suggested I pop over to Paraguay (another country). It got a bit late, so I’ll either go see an animal shelter, or, if it closes, simply go inside the pool. Meanwhile, my food has arrived…. Bon appetite to me 🙂


  1. funny that you pop out to a different country in the Southern hemisphere of the Americas

    • Ruthie! It is indeed funny! I met a nice couple from New Zealand in Buenos Aires, yet forgot to ask them what they do after 4…. By the way, thought of you all day in the falls park yesterday – you would have loved the falls as well as the unending forest. I’m bringing them with me to San Diego for you 🙂

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